Guess The Next Chapter

OK, all you have to do is summarize your latest chapter. The next person will predict what will happen in your next chapter. That person will also summarize their own chapter.

Ex. Person 1: In chapter 3, Bill decides he hates his dog. He decided to let his dog run free out of the house into the world. Sadly, he forgets that his girlfriend Penny loves that dog.

  Person 2: I predict that Penny will break up with Bill. 
                  In chapter 7, Sally travels to Hawaii...
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Understanding Teenagers Chapter 2
After being hired by Mid Mills to write a YA Novel, Liam arranges to have dinner at a fancy restaurant with his girlfriend Heather. He tells her how got hired and how the job is three hours away. Heather is pissed, but Liam assures her it’ll be OK. Moments later, Liam ends up proposing and Heather says yes.

I predict that in Chapter 3 the pair of them will be struggling with the reality of planning a future. Wedding, the job, and the matter of living together (assuming they don’t already)

Bloodties #3- Shadows Remain- Chapter 5:
Finding his way to the house where his half-brother grew up, Doran is faced with the reality of just who his father was as he travels through a cold home and enters combat with a man who still can’t get over the murder of the home owner two years ago. It is only in that combat that the man learns that Doran is the one who plunged the sword through Cabel’s chest in that hotel room.

I predict that the man runs away but only to get help. He comes back with five armed friends and, together, they kill Doran.

‘Shipped - Part 3:
The Princess’ fans write on the Comments page of her video that their families won’t let them watch any more of her videos and they have to delete her downloads because she is "una muchacha mala " (a bad girl). That was because she was shaking her hips and rubbing her stomach when she was singing “He makes me feel so hot (Hot!) He makes me feel so good inside”. She explains on the Comments page that she was comparing her boyfriend to a hot tamale and it was nothing sexual but most of those fans don’t come back or think she is lying to get more downloads. Her friend Anthony, an entertainment reporter, promises to find a reporter from a Latin entertainment zine to write a story about this and explain that it is a big misunderstanding.

I’m not sure but She sees the man that she thought was hot :woman_shrugging:

The Bad Boy Is More Than Bad - chapter 7

“Are you okay” A voice snapped me out of my trance and that voice was Ace

“Don’t act like you care” I snapped

“But I’m not acting”

When he said that, the anger in me built more “Just STOP okay” he flinched at my tone before I sighed calming down “how more do you want to ruin my life, haven’t you had enough and I’ve handled all the things you have done and said to me but one thing for sure that I can’t handle is you lying, so don’t”

At this point, people were already around listening in but I paid them no mind

“Oh, so I do okay. WHAT THE FUCK do you want me to do Charlotte” and I flinched at his tone, It contained power and authority, It felt like I was being buried 7ft under not even 6th

“Just leave me alone” I begged “please”

He looked broken at my words but sighed and replied with “As you wish” and with that, he left

Leaving me

It would be difficult to see him because he does not exist. This is just a story in her song.

I predict, in the next Chapter, Charlotte goes to find Ace.

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