Guess the plot from a quote of a story above


How to play: guess the plot from only a quote from a story of the person above. Seems, pretty impossible but it’ll be fun I think :))))

To be honest idk if that makes sense but we’ll see

I’ll start:
“Where’s the wall? What did you do to it?”


A group of paranormal investigators delve into an abandoned hospital rumored to be haunted.

The hospital wasn’t haunted like they originally thought, but what awaited them was something far worse…

“I came here to catch ghosts damnit, I didn’t expect to come across a reality-bending monster”

My turn:
“Let’s start simple, a single cut should do, no need to rush”


An action thriller. I can’t say whether or not the MC is male or female, but I can assume that they are being tortured by the enemy in this scene.


It’s a murder mystery, abduction thriller of some sort, and maybe, just maybe, this is the killer. Maybe he or she is the protagonist. That would b cool.

My quote:

Elijah wandered back through the darkness to Haydn’s arms. “And so the angel fell in love with Satan and made love to him and in her effort to purge the monster of the evil within, she too became an offspring of sin and putrid nature: a demon with black leathery wings. You cannot turn back from who you are, Elijah. To your religion, I am the very Devil they fear and you are the fallen angel who dove after him. A fool, they say. An idiot, they say. You mustn’t let them sway you, for you know I am not what they say. I love you more than the Devil ever could, be sure of that.”


I’m pretty sure that’s more than just a quote.

A girl that’s also an angel (or just heavily religious) falls in love with a demon guy.

My turn:

‘Sen was nowhere to be seen, but I’m sure that He’s one of the many mangled corpses on the ground, I felt the urge to vomit, but I held it in as best as I could, as it might alert the wolf’


A wolf is going around and killing people. The FBI was put on the case bcause of how many people was killed.

My Turn:

“Lenora, this is one of the most important heists of our entire careers!” Blake yelled jumping up from his seat.


Not too far off. An engaged religious Victorian man has an affair with a mourning (also male) vampire.


A gang plotting for a big heist?

“She shuts the blinders down, and leans her head against the desk. That is when the cheerful mask has to fall.”


That’s actually pretty much the entire beginning of the story lmao (Plus some other stuff)


A girl with depression tries to cope with it by pretending to be happy in front of others.

“It’s either me who’s going to die, or all of us is going to die, now close the hole, it’s not like I’m going to be able to get inside without them seeing me going in”


Maybe about some people going to investigate a murder?

“Demons aren’t the only ones with secrets.”


Not entirely true, but you’re close. :slight_smile:
A single mother working as a child psychologist who struggles with depression and other misfortunes.


Maybe a supernatural story about a villain or antihero who works with dark forces and may be as sinister as the forces themselves? (I know; weirdly specific lol)

“We’re all broken people. But we have ways of putting ourselves back together. We never needed Psychwatch. And I’m here to prove we never will.”


A group of mentally unstable people are addicted to a drug named “Psychwatch”, eventually, they get over their addiction and prove to themselves that they don’t need it.

“Us vampires just needed shelter, needed a savior from our hunger, I wanted to be their savior, but now, I guess I have just cooped them all up in a single, easy to destroy pack”


You’re right about the mentally unstable people, and drugs are ocassionally involved in the story. However, Psychwatch is a futuristic law enforcement agency, and the speaker is the main antagonist.


Vampires are being killed (presumably by vampire hunters?) and someone tries to step up and by a leader figure, to try to protect them and fight back. It doesn’t go to well…

“Of course I’m human.” She said, “what else would I be?”


Story where the world has more than one type of race and there is stigma behind what race you are.

“No one told me this was a first person shooter,” she exclaimed


Sounds like a virtual reality, Ready Player One kind-of story. At least that’s my guess.


Sounds as if the story involves a pair of friends, possibly something more than that. Perhaps in their free time they enjoy playing video games together. It certainly seems like there is light-hearted, friendly competition involved.

My Turn!: “I stood near the statue, staring up at where its face used to be before it was smashed in. The old, flaking graffiti still marred its surface, a reminder of my actions only three weeks ago.”


Maybe the MC did something wrong and is feeling guilty? That’s all I got.

“Though in small regard to the privacy of the recently deceased Aokigahara Yamamoto I bought the journals anyway. In knowing he was an eccentric man who lived a long life I was not prepared to expect what I found thereon upon the opening of the first journal a story that seemed more eccentric than the elderly man himself.”


Detective story about an eccentric Japanese man who committed suicide, maybe?

Have this:
“Gwen’s stomach growled. So did the trees.”