Guess the plot from a quote of a story above


Gwen is hungry because she is running away from home through the woods. Perhaps her emotions are connected to nature somehow… Or the trees are carnivorous and want to eat her lol

“A smattering of applause from the Council chamber. Eris snapped to attention: back stiffening, eyes hardening, fingers twitching with imaginary power. It was time.”


Fantasy vibes.

Eris who is a politician is going to become the next big mayor or councilwoman and she/he/they is going to take over the world?

“If I have to wake up this early for another week in a row I might seriously injure myself.”


The story is set in a zombie apocalypse, someone in a major survivor group is real mad because they keep getting woken up so early in the morning for their guard duty.


But no matter how hard I tried to remember it, I just couldn’t, as if the memory of it even happening had just been erased from my mind.

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A girl/guy with amnesia tries to recover their lost memories and fill in the missing pieces.

My turn:
Man, she didn’t know what made her enjoy playing with people so much. Was it the shift in power? The glorious feeling of control? Knowing you’re having the upper hand? She didn’t know. She only knew that it felt good.


Damn that’s a good one but not the plot. Wish I’d used it tho.


A girl or woman with paranormal powers that allowed her to control the minds and bodies of whoever she wants.

Alright, here’s mine:
“No no no no, I don’t think any of you understand just how astronomically fucked we are. We need to support 2400 people and welcome another thousand in by tomorrow, even though we only have enough food for three weeks. Oh! And let’s not forget that the nobles and the workers are ready to wage war on one another, there’s a storm so dangerous it defies science, Tesla keeps spouting off ridiculous demands, and not to mention the fact that none of you have done anything even slightly helpful in the last three months!”

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Very good guess, but it’s still off. It’s a realistic fiction/teen-fiction with no paranormal elements.



How about the character is someone who plays with people’s emotions? Like she manipulates or tricks people.

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Yes, you’re right about that.


Half wrong and half right lol, anything more than that would be spoilers but I give you half a point for being close!


Maybe it’s about a kingdom in peril trying to keep everything together. The community it having to try and work together in order to keep everything running smoothly while tensions are rising over various political and natural disasters.

Here’s mine:
Many people, like Josephine, have been speculating shady politics going on behind palace doors, as the man to be crowned today is not even in the bloodline of the Royal family. Unfortunately most people don’t have the guts to discuss those sort of things out loud- but when you’re on the internet, you can say anything.


i think it is about a world where someone of the royal family has been killed my politics and the man to be crowned is part of the plan.

this is mine
why did you kill her? the woman yelled. i did not kill Ro-if i was her i would kill myself too.


Some strange situation of a murderous kidnapper and a more sensible kidnapper spouse that grew into an odd attachment to this one lady they kidnapped and she was done away with upon the guy finding out about that.

Mine quote (a very vague one just to be that guy):

These shackles on us. Our entirety is based on limited perception and vision. We’re nothing more than mini god’s ruling our own destinies under the false idea we know what we’re doing. Wouldn’t it be better for the world, if we did just as we were told?


A modern revamp of Plato’s allegory of the Cave



A screw up shaman tried to summon a familiar but instead has a horny devil.

alf of my life, I’ve fucked up a lot.

Was it worth it? Maybe.

Did I regret it? If I denied it, that made me less than a human.

But out of all the fucked up, I did was just a spec of dust compared to this situation. Usually, I don’t believe in higher beings or some universe crap, after what I got myself into is weirder than any story you read.

Some of you may think that I’m insane, well like my good friend says “we all need a little madness to keep us alive.”

My name is Connie May and this is my story.


Girl marries a squirrel - it’s an arranged wedding. this happened b/c she went into a lottery to earn ten bucks but then her name was chosen and she had to marry the lonely Squirrel Prince. She ended up committing man-slaughter when she crushed him w/ a book when he snuck up on her.
Now Connie is running from the squirrel government and she only has one friend who understands her situation and knows sh’es innocent.

(mine) “Yeah mate,” Mr. Zebra piped “that’s the idea; no galactic mobsters coming for your kneecaps here”


So off the plot. Not even close.

A talking alien zebra bodyguard protects a governor who has a lot of enemies across the galaxy.


yo that’s actually really close lol

wait so what’s your story actually about?


You just have to check it out.


Since there’s none to react to here’s mine:
“I can survive three days, right?”