Guilty Pleasure Tropes



What tropes do you hate but love at the same time? Ones that, maybe, you know is overused, but you love it anyway. What tropes and cliches are your guilty pleasures?


I’m a sucker for the “person distracted by staring at love interest runs into something/trips” and the “foreheads touching after kissing” tropes lol


Does kissing in the rain count as an overused trope? Still absolutely love it. I also love the enemies to lovers trope a lot.

  • Edgy boys
  • Characters who are initially teasing or antagonistic towards one another falling in love
  • Cool mysterious fantasy characters who help out the MC, but have unclear intentions for the most part
  • Arranged marriages
  • Fake dating
  • “The fantasy religion has actually been evil this whole time!!”


Definitely the enemies to lovers trope is one of my guilty pleasures. Also admittedly am weak for characters whose outward personality is terrible but they’re actually really sweet once you get past all the barriers.


Arranged marriages are fun to me. I don’t know why I like them so much, but they always hook me.


“The chosen one” and “zero to hero” - even better if they’re combined. I’m suuuuch a sucker for those and they’re so overused but I can’t help loving them :joy:

Also, “gentle giants”. Big people who could crush you with a flick of their finger, but they’re not gonna do that because they’re just big masses of fluff.


Gentle giants are one of my favorite character archetypes. I just love how soft they are!



I need to have an intervention at some point. But not now. I have gentle giants to write about!


I LOVE opposites attract. Give me mortal enemies that fall in love any day. I’m also a sucker for fake relationships.

I also have a weakness for ‘makeover’ stories. When the main girl dresses to impress and everyone is in awe.


Me too! When the ugly duckling transforms into an elegant swan. I’ll be like “Yeah! Suck it, b*tches”


This is cliche but I still go for the whole possessive guy act, but only if it’s like cool - not when it gets to that weird level of dictatorship and abuse. Like I don’t mind me a lil daddy action, but tone it down sometimes lmao

  • “From Zero to Hero” will never be overused. I’m always up for a long journey for success instead of seeing the characters being awesome at everything right away. That’s why I enjoy Riordan books even though I’m a grown ass man :blush:
  • Smol, timid girls who can be really badass when the situation asks for it. Yeah, we have plenty of Lara Croft-ish or Katniss-ish action heroines, but please, can someone (besides me) write an action story with a tiny bookworm as the main character? Or at least someone like Ellie from The Last of Us?
  • Cold, arrogant girls (usually elegant, some sort of royalty) who start as complete bitches, but later turn into sweet and friendly cuties. Well, this is probably the most “guilty” from these pleasures, but I found myself writing this trope a lot, and I just adore Weiss Schnee.
  • Old, grumpy mentor characters who have to deal with young apprentices; they’re annoyed at first, but later they develop a strong bond with the apprentice and would do anything to keep them safe. I know it’s one of the biggest clichés, but I really enjoy seeing it for some reason, no matter if it’s Halt (Ranger’s Apprentice), Luke Skywalker (in The Last Jedi) or Joel (The Last of Us).


I love forbidden romances. Whether they are student/teacher or a family friend or a brother’s best friend or a sister’s boyfriend falling for the MC… I just love two people falling for each other that aren’t supposed to. I find it intriguing and love the problems the couple has to face because of it.

But I don’t hate that I love them. No shame from me!


My Meteor Girl novel has a nerd bomber as the main character and she’s ruthless at Magic-The Gathering.

  • I like Weiss Schnee for the most part. But Blake and Yang come in as a close second. (Penny is super cool though. As Roman Torchwick says: “These kids are getting weirder and weirder by the day.”)

I have a forbidden romance story line going on between an alien princess and a cargo captain–whose cultural taboos and customs forbid him from getting involved with anyone outside his race. And her customs and culture are just as explicit and tailored for almost the same.

But you just can’t help rooting for both while they go about their rounds.

I have something like that going on in my Starchild novel.

Calis McGraff is close to being immortal as you can imagine for an old man of his stature, but he’s been mentoring Isis McGowan so that she can be a better student and pupil of his while at the same time schooling her on what’s most important in life–on top of everything else.


Star-crossed lovers. I love it when they just cannot be together.

A man who cannot love or experience emotions, and the drama of someone falling for him.

White knights, male or female

Elemental magic


Sounds cool, might check it out :slight_smile: “Nerd bomber”… that’s a great way to describe :grin:
(Poor Ruby, must feel excluded :grin: I also wanted to see more of Penny as I’m planning to use the trope of artificial human in my future project. She got shredded to pieces too soon :slight_smile: )


It’s online for another month. Then it’s going to be removed because the book will be published in mid-January on Amazon with an alternate bonus cover included.


I like Ruby just fine. It’s her friends that has my inner nerd bomber extremely happy.


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