Guilty Pleasure Tropes



I both love and hate the best friend to lovers. I know it’s cliche as hell and so badly over used, but dammit I still love it. I made this joke on Facebook just the other day in reference to Hallmark Christmas movies I keep watching.

Me: i really should stop watching these damn movies. The plots and characters are all the same.
Also me: awwweee they’re besties for years and now theyre falling in love. Squeeee

And that is an exact representation every time I watch one of those damn movies lol


for me it’s childhood friends to lovers. will never not root for


I love the ‘reluctant hero’ trope lmao


the ‘will destroy the world and everyone in it for the sake of person B, but still actually a good boy’ character


It’s not like anyone goes to Quotev anymore…lol


How about the tragic hero type of story lines?


I absolutely adore childhood friends to lovers. It’s always so pure and heartwarming.


I’m a sucker for the “precious kind person on the inside after breaking through their cold exterior” type of character myself! I can’t help but continue to include them in my stories. I also love the “super serious conversation while a hilarious situation is going on in the background”. It’s not so much a trope as it is a comedy scene but it never fails to make me laugh no matter how many times it’s done.

I also love the “character that is on nobody’s side but their own”. It makes for such a fun dynamic, especially when there’s already two sides we’re rooting for and against. Jack Sparrow and Fiona Goode from AHS coven come to mind when I think of this trope.


Happy endings, if that counts (it’d be less guilty, but so many people frown on happy endings).


Only when it’s believable though


Define “believable”.

Do you mean realistic, or something that really pulls at your heart strings and makes you empathize with the main character for their plight?

I mean, we could use Anakin Skywalker’s journey as an example–his rise up through the Jedi Order after TPM before he turned to the Dark Side. :slight_smile:


I LOVE friends to lovers too! They are cute! The boyfriend I had my first kiss with was a friend to lover type of deal. We were friends at school for a while I guess. I actually plan to write a story later on (long ways from now because I have many stories going on) about childhood friends falling in love. I love those relationships.


Im totally with you! I need a happy ending. I can’t accept anything else, haha. Sad endings make me basically wanna kill myself so I try to avoid them. Im very emotional and sensitive.


I mean, both. For example, depending on the MC’s personality, forcing them into a relationship at the end despite who they are is not believable to me. (Did that make sense?)


i also love it when a character has some type of power and they get emotional and briefly lose control of it ah


Omg yes. Destroy things when you lose control of your feelings. :fire:


You mean when a writer decides to “ship” their couple of “interest” for no reason other than to make some kind of blanket statement about their relationship by trying to get them romantically involved even though they had no romantic allusions about each other from the very start?


Yes! Im reading a book about a girl who has powers and they finally came to her when someone she cared about was being hurt by Peter Pan and she shot her powers at him and it was freaking awesome!


The truly star-crossed lovers. Ones that have impossible odds to deal with. I don’t care if it’s a happy ending or a sad one where they can’t overcome their differences, but when it looks like it’s 100% impossible, I can’t help but keep flipping the pages. Basically, every Cassandra Claire ship.


Mine is a bit different, but really love a book with a “you have x amount of tasks/trials you must complete”, usually some kind of magical gauntlet. Super overused way to give structure, but I love it. It’s why “The Goblet of Fire” is my favourite Harry Potter book, really made me love Vera Nazarene’s “The Atlantis Grail” series. Something about having those defined sets of tasks, usually magical or highly scientific, especially with an air of mystery and puzzle solving, really hooks me.