Guilty Pleasure Tropes



GOD YES I love that one too. Especially if the love interest or someone important to the character losing control is the one to calm them down during the power blowout.


Kill the animal

It gets me all the time. And I love that it does and hate it so much.


My words exactly. Also, when someone dies in the most gruesome way, there’s no possible way for them to come back.


the enemies to lovers trope is great especially when its a slow burn
unrequited love for the angst, love it in a slow burn


Yes. I’m with you in this one.


Unless it was a dream…


I don’t mind that, it’s just that if it actually happens, then it’s a no from me


True, but most would fall back on that as a “default” method of explaining something that is deemed improbable or impossible.

For one of my older book series, I had two characters who kept having temporal flux experiences from time to time where in their dreams, they would be living their lives in different parts of the time line.

So they would be in one place, experiencing something pretty profound that hadn’t happened yet, or they are witnessing something “to come”.

Then they’d both wake up disoriented or confused, and sometimes, completely pissed off and ready to rumble (in Kayla’s case, she keeps trying to kill her traveling partner because he’s part of these experiences and he has to find some way of restraining or deterring her from taking him out. (He’s ex-military.) ).


That sounds pretty amazing.


It’s a long and complicated novel. I’m only at 410,000 words right now and into the fourth book. But I haven’t done any serious work on it in about 7 years. (I still have 4 more books to go.)


Another trope I love that I thought of today is having factions. I don’t just mean good guy and bad guy, but thing’s like Divergent’s Dauntless, Amity, Erudite, etc. Super cheesy and corny, but I mean, I know what Hogwarts House I’m in, and so do most of my generation, and we aren’t typically shy about sharing it XD. I don’t think people fit into boxes so simply all the time, but I love what it brings to a story when that’s a strong element of the world buildling. What kinds of factions has the author imagined? Where would I fit? What does it mean for the characters? Will they reject it? Embrace it? I think there’s so much you can do with it that it’s easy to keep it “fresh” in a story even if it’s a popular idea overall.


i think this is a key part in why so many books/movies/shows are successful. almost every big thing has it in a way, if you think about it. percy jackson has patronage, hp has houses, even hunger games has districts, etc etc etc. people like to put themselves in stories


Oh my gosh. You plan to have 8 books? That’s amazing!


my favorite guilty pleasure tropes are its okay their in love and one i am guilty of using everyone is a damage sponge


Yeah, and I’ve had some pretty lucid dream experiences about them as well. So I still have a lot of writing to do in that regard. But just warning you ahead of time, what you will eventually read will disturb and horrify you.


tbh i like anything that brings internal conflict to the character. Just angst me up