Guitarists (and other instrumentalists) Unite!


No, I meant, how old were you?? How long have you been playing?

answer only if you’re comfortable hh

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I guess I was 12 or so when I got my first guitar. I haven’t been playing much during the last decade. Can’t annoy the neighbours too much…

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:joy::joy: I agree! I haven’t been playing guitar for that long though.

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i do play.


Hello fellow guitarist!


We discussed on th other thread that you and I would probably spoil the wedding ceremony by talking about guitar riffs …


how long have you been playing? And what would you like to be called on the threads?


:joy::joy::joy::joy: WoW where did this happen! I missed a monumental moment!

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Yo, are ukulele players allowed here? We’ll just sit in the corner, drink wine and stalk XD


I guess it counts as long as it’s has strings. The more the merrier.


Oh you did! It was somewhen this afternoon on the K&g thread. You’d have to ask Chara for the exact post, she’s the head stalker and book keeper of the threads.


I’m actually pretty new to the game almost two years (not enough to be called a proper guitarist) but it doesn’t mean I’m any less passionate about guitars though. As Jun so graciously helped me name myself Zee in the posts above, I wouldn’t mind being called the same. :blush:

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Welcome to the party, Zee. I’m Jinn.


Welcome Welcome and as @jinnis said:


:joy::joy: I’ll definitely have to get to that! Can’t be missing something as awesome as that conversation! :joy::joy:


Hello Jinn. Thanks for welcoming me to the party :wink::joy:


Oh, I wouldn’t call myself a proper guitarist. But I still love my guitars and listening to good music

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Uh-huh. Are you more of a Heavy Metal type of person? Or smooth laid back music person? And then there’s pop too. It’s strange how I’ve managed to have this very conversation on another 3 threads! :joy::joy:


Oh, you should ask Rish, he probably knows more about my music stile than I do myself. I’m rooted in the era of rock. Like metal, too, and everything across the board to pop or even country, as long as it’s well played and… well, suits my taste and mood. Hell, I also like classical music, jazz, blues,… I’m not really picky with styles

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Jinnie, you’re my soul animal

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