Guitarists (and other instrumentalists) Unite!



Same here. As long as it sounds good and is fun to listen to in that particular mood then it’s my jam.


Wow, that’s cool. How long have you been playing?


Exactly! And you have to listen to everything first before you ban it… otherwise you miss tha best.


OH MY GOD! This is what I keep telling people! They’re so quick to judge an artist or a genre of music without even trying it out. How will you even know if you’ve never tried listening to it?!


I took playing seriously around three years ago, but I didn’t play/practice because I didn’t have it for around 1.5 years in between. So… I’m still new!


No problemo! As long as you love what you do you’re fine


As @Ri_Mi_Ts says. It’s not about the time or even the level of your skills. It’s about the love for your music.


Oh yes, I love playing! More than anything else. No amount of inexperience can take that away from me!


EXACTLY! I suppose you’re completely dedicated now


lmao. hypocrite.


Well, I haven’t been ‘completely’ dedicated for a while, now (exams, you know?) but I still try to make time to play everyday!


Me too! My guitar does actually help me survive my mood swings and exam stress


Yoroshiku onegaishimasu :>

Piano has strings too, does that count? :wink:


Thanks :>


Honestly, only because I can’t play it doesn’t mean I enjoy it… so, I’m not going to be picky! There are a lot of cool instructor strings. My choice is the guitar though.


I changed up the name a bit!




Piano is super cool!! I want to learn it someday!

I can play a few things on the keyboard though, hehe


Piano has history. I mean, keyboards are cool (and much easier to play or work with), but piano has a different sound that bears centuries of memory. To me the difference between piano and keys is like the difference between a real paper book and an e-book. :joy: They both have + and -


Good comparison. And yes, there are always advantages and draw backs.