Guitarists (and other instrumentalists) Unite!


Good choice. I would have chosen it too, but all the guitars I’ve tried were pretty heavy. But yeah, guitar is by far the bad-assier instrument, surpassed in badassery maybe by drums only XD

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This is the best analogy I’ve seen in a while.


My fingers were barely orang enough when I picked it up… yes, I understand. And yeah, I love drums. Not an option back then though, because of the noise…


Noise… yeah :confused: I’m familiar with both sides of that coin XD
The upstairs neighbor in one of my homes is a piano teacher. She has 5-6 year old students over on weekends. It’s traumatizing. XD

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I remember when my little sis had her first lessons…


Uh-huh. That’s definitely more inclusive :slight_smile:

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Still don’t think anyone’s gonna come here XD


Completely agree to that! Drums are on my to learn list as well!


Hi kids.


I play the drums too!

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Ayyy! You play the guitar??


Yup! And violin…and steel drums :]


I have mad respect for violinists, that stuff is crazy hard to learn!!


Hmmm…I’m still gonna be optimistic though

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How are they different from normal drums?


Well I’m still a beginner for sure! But yeah, violin is super tough!
Steel drums are that island-y calypso sound you hesr in Jamaica haha. They’re a beach instrument

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Wow seriously?! That’s AWESOME!!! I mean wow I’m gonna take a second to digest the awesomeness (According to @TheOtherCha 's theory does it make you a really really badass person? Since you know how to play 2 really badass instruments) (Although I’m pretty sure you’re already pretty badass)


Completely agree!

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That’s a really amazing combination! Steel drums and violin Wow

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Woah! Are they hard to learn? Are they suitable for a smol-ish gal? I live (mostly) in a very remote place with no neighbors so I won’t be bothering anyone if I decide to buy a set XD

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