Guitarists (and other instrumentalists) Unite!



Ooh, let me look them up!



Haha kinda a weird combo, ik. But I kove them both!


That’s them!


I know a song or two on Ukulele.


Well… depends on the person, but you need a bunch of coordination between your hands and feet to play. It’s very fun though!

Totally! Don’t let your age or physique stop you from learning!

Also, I’m a noob and I can play only 3-4 grooves and fills. I didn’t go to any class to learn, so I’m not an expert XD


Nopes not weird. It can never be weird when you love playing (and know how to play) two really amazing instruments! Own it Girl!


Whoa, so it’s pretty different from a regular kit!

  1. it’s just one drum and

  2. it has notes!! how does that work? it’s a percussion instrument, right?


Thanks, love! And I (barely know how to play violin) haha. But I’m always learning and all that :b


Yup! You use that little rubber mallet thing to hit those different dents and they have all have a different sound. They’re all a different note. The tricky part is hitting them just right to get the right sound, otherwise you’re just gonna get an awkward metallic thunk


Uh-huh. Keep doing what you do. And I’m not that great at guitar either but we play for the love of the instrument don’t we? We continue on for our love for our instrument and the joy it gives us.


Also to feel badass hahaha


How long have you been playing? :smiley:


Thanks, you have inspired me! XD


:joy::joy::joy: True! I mean we have to agree there’s also a tiny ity bity part of us that loves the attention we get when we flaunt our instruments in public :joy: (at least I do…:joy::joy: )


I would agree, but I’m incredibly shy and insecure, so public playing is terrying for me hahaha


Started around new year 2016.


Yeah, that’s true too. Don’t worry someday I hope you will get over your fear. That is, if you plan on doing public performances…


Oh I’ve done public performances. I used to travel in a Steel Drum band in high school. And I’ve played violin for my church and at a Relay for Life. But it’s just soo terrifying every time!


Oh wow that’s amazing! You simply got me scared for a bit there thinking I’ve unintentionally said the wrong thing (or hurt you). Well, you’ve performed waaaaay more than I ever have. So keep going! and I agree being scared of public appearances never gets old.


No, I’m not offended lol
I’ve never been the main act or anything, always been part of a band. I can’t imagine playing solo!