Guitarists (and other instrumentalists) Unite!


Do you plan to though? Play solo I mean. If yes, I wanna shower you with all my good wishes and my “YOU CAN DO IT GIRL!!” words of encouragement :blush:


I don’t, really. The husband plays really often. Leads our worship team and just loves singing and playing. So if anything it’d be cool to play and sing with him in like a mini husband-wife band, but I’ve never sung in front of even him, so that makes that dream a little difficult hahaha


Aww that’d be really cool. Wishing you luck for the day the dream (it may) come true!


@theEnigmaticPrince Jun! Should we fire this up again?! Or let it submit to its current state!?

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Wohoooooo!!! We’re Back!!!

(Fiery explosion in the background )

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Ok so here’s the question…If you could choose an instrument to learn but would in return have to give up your current fav instrument which one would it be? and why?


Maybe I should drop links to some guitar solos I really like?


The violin, hands down. Why? Because it’s so cool! One of my favourite people is a violinist in a rock band, so I’d want to try that out too!

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Go ahead! Do you know of this Youtuber called Andrew Foy?

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Hmmm… Nice choice. I’d probably go for a Lyre

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I googled him, and yeah I’ve seen some of his covers!


Oooh, why?


I really like the sound of it. I do tend to like the more soft soothing and peaceful instruments. Also I watched a cover of the soundtrack of the movie Interstellar played on a Lyre and I thought it was pretty cool.


Send the link :eyes:


I gotta search…Wait a sec

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@lifeofdaffy plays piano.
And now that he’s been tagged here, this thread will come to life XD


@theEnigmaticPrince Jun, what kind of guitar do you play?


I play the rhythm guitar. My lead skills are currently shit


I’m not exactly good at any of the instruments I play, so…
But I love ALL of them and keep buying more XD