Guitarists (and other instrumentalists) Unite!


Lol same, I’m mediocre at best.

This, I can’t relate to. I’m a broke child and my parents refuse to buy me an electric guitar ;-;


I’m also broke, but that’s cause I keep buying shit I almost never use XD
I just ordered an acoustic kalimba :roll_eyes: That’s my new passion XD And also the reason why I’m not good at anything XD

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An acoustic what? Send pics :flushed:


Here’s a video:

I LOVE it, it’s so kawaiiiii
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Oh wait, I’ve seen this video!! I didn’t know it was called a kalimba, though.

i feel like buying one


And it’s pretty cheap for a musical instrument XD I found a great one for just €50

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I don’t understand currency help


Oh shoot! I just discovered I called a harp a lyre (fake fan alert!!) But here’s the link

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€50 is like less then $60

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:joy::joy: Can definitely relate!!

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:joy::joy: Something more I can completely relate to!

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And one dollar is around Rs. 70. So…


struggles in math

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No need to math - Google says €50 is 3916.01 rs XD

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So around 4000. Hm. Not exactly cheap. I could get a cheap electric guitar for that price, though.


Wow, if instruments are that cheap there, maybe I should move to India. I already bought a saree :roll_eyes: :sweat_smile:

My spending habits are digging a hole for me XD


hi yea i play piano!

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Ayy! What do you play?


Hey, Daf. When did you start playing?

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