Guitarists (and other instrumentalists) Unite!


@theEnigmaticPrince bit of guitar and violin uwu wanna do piano too



That’s cool! Since when have you been playing?

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i was 5 , n m self taught

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2 years ago, i think? xD for the violin. Guitar… Probably like around 6 years? But i am not good with progress with that AT ALL. I can’t seem to teach myself well enough u.u


You started teaching yourself since you were 5? o.O

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I know how to play an E Minor chord on a guitar. Am I invited to the club? :^)


If teaching yourself isn’t going well, trying hiring a tutor! It’s much more effective for 90% of the people who learn, trust me.


:joy: Sure! You’re welcome as long as you have interest in guitars or any other instrument!



Seriously though, I’ve wanted to learn how to play guitar for the past couple of years. My school’s band teacher gave anyone who was interested free lessons every Thursday for the last couple of months last year, but I had so much stuff going on that I could only sporadically attend. She didn’t have time to do them this year, and I live in the middle of nowhere, so the only way I can really do anything with the guitar is sneak into her instrument storage room before school when it’s unlocked (which is a 50/50 shot each day) and awkwardly play around with the frets and strings having absolutely no idea how in the fuck I’m supposed to be doing it. I literally don’t even know how to HOLD a guitar, much less play literally any chord that actually requires a fret change.

EDIT: Currently the same situation with the piano too, but unlike the guitar, I actually know all the perfect major and minor triads. Can’t play songs though, just chords.

I also haven’t memorized where each key is, so I have to awkwardly figure it out each time I’m seated at the piano in that room.


Go learn c buddy u.u
Jk xD


Oooh alright alright :o I’ll keep that in mind

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Same with me and the keyboard lol. I can play Fur Elise, though!

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Is this a hard chord? :frowning:


ya lil bit help from school’s music sir but i won’t credit him

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That’s for me to know and you to find out uwu

Lol it’s pretty easy. Three finger chord.

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it’s easy


You’ll get the hang of it as long as you manage to devote time to practice regularly!

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Well, it is kinda hard if you just know Em. I struggled with it for a few days XD

You’ll get it though. Again, Practice is key.

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Been playing the flute religiously for the past seven years though!

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