Guitarists (and other instrumentalists) Unite!


Was that a pun on my name




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JUN THIS THREAD IS LITERALLY LIT TODAY!! Sorry if I’m overreacting. It’s just so nice to see so many responses today :wink:

We were here yesterday

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I know :sob:

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Told you I’m gonna remain optimistic :wink:

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Who know, maybe the list of unique visitors will cross 25 someday!


Fingers crossed I do hope so. I will however keep coming back to this thread and keep kick-starting it back to life whenever I’m online :joy:

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6yo Clair Crosby here to melt your hearts with her adorable facial expressions XD


Hey! I was tagged.

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I remembered that you play too!


I do!

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Have you guys seen what these twins can do with a bunch of strings? XD

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Sad day for me today - my faithful keyboard of 10+ years has finally committed suicide. Being the keyboard that taught me the CDE’s of music, it’s life was full of violence, frustration and dissonance. I hereby wish to pay my respects to Yamaha, whose products are so tough and resilient.
Condolences are only welcome in the form of cash XD


@theEnigmaticPrince JUN SHOULD WE FIRE THIS UP AGAIN!? Sorry I know I’ve been gone. I’m back though :sweat_smile:


@TheOtherCha n I are makin a band called THE INFERNAL WEEBS


Wishing ya’ll luck!

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It’s an entirely fictional band, seeing as how we live in different continents but thanks XD

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I don’t play an instrument but I do make beats, plus I am a huge guitar fan so I am just popping in to meet more talented people :blush:

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