Guys feeling very happy

guys I just reached 12 followers. it’s not much but I’m really happy. who else is happy?

good thats great…celebrate it atleast there a few people left in this world who find happiness in small things :slightly_smiling_face: :point_left:



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yess i find happiness in everything . Even in washing my hands

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You’re welcome.

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im a new writer and iwas really worried that none would likemy writing style but im very happy now


so how are you guys

also my examss just finished!!!

Wow!!! Congratulations. Very happy for you.

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I think that’s a fairly common worry amongst writers, so you’re not alone and your 12 followers shows you you’ve got people who do like it!

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gud and also bored to be inside the 4 chambered walls

hahaha thats all of us write now

where u from

thank you

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born in Canada but living in Pakistan . hbu

oh well I am an indian

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thats cool .

no wonder we have same time zone

well whats the story genre who have written recently