Hackathon Team wants your feedback on Private Reading Chat / Groups or Book Clubs on Wattpad

Hello! I’m Emily and I work at Wattpad as a Product Manager!

Our hackathon group is working on a special idea, I would love your feedback and thoughts. We’re curious: If you could have private reading clubs or groups attached to stories on Wattpad, what would you love to see, what would you hate to see? This would kind of like be private group chat around stories.

Boundaries for this hypothetical scenario: We would definitely have some moderators who are approved by the writer to help moderate these private groups but we want to emphasize that this is something that is a safe space for people to share their thoughts with other people. We’d also let people in your private reading group know if people were online reading so you can read together.

What would make this exciting?? What are your biggest worries?

How would you like this to compliment inline comments? What other features would you like to see?

I would so much want this ! Because I didn’t have a place to discuss with my readers on Wattpad, I ended up by creating a Discord server for them. There is about 150 people that did follow me on there, but I feel like if this was something implanted in Wattpad, I could discuss with much more of my readers !


What do you mean by private? Private from the author? Invite only?


Hey Sindana,
Thanks so much for your reply!!!

Could I get an invite to the book club server on discord. I would love to see what it’s like and learn so we can better design a solution.



Yes, I would love to give you the link, but… It’s in French, it is okay for you ? Hahah
This is the link : https://discord.gg/tZsS9e4

You could use Google Translate or ask me questions if anything !


It could be that you create your own group and approve people who join. Or authors could host private groups for select number of people. Our thought is that we hypothesize people will want a safe space free from spam to discuss. But people can request to join maybe? Or you invite your friends?





I can see many benefits to this for people in book clubs because they could real time chat as they read a book which could open more dialogue with the book club members.

But my biggest concern would be bullying. It could open up the potential for say a writer to create a group with their rabid fans and then send them out to attack someone. Yes they can do that now but its through other off wattpad means so there’s no control to stop that. I have unfortunately seen it happen real time.

So I would almost want to say find a way to limit this to book clubs only instead of for everyone. Or have the people who opt into such a thing have to sign something that tells them if they’re caught using the feature for nefarious means they will have their account suspended, something like that that can deter people from abusing it.


Hmmm, this seems like a neat idea :thinking:

I’m not that social, so I might not join one (I may or may not, watch me join one lol)


Interesting, do you think that the nature of these groups would be you have to be social? Or would you be okay with lurking.


This seems cool. I love it from a reader prospective, but as an author, I don’t know who’s want to discuss my book. It also seems just a bit weird to lurk while readers are discussing it too (which I guess I already do in the comments to an extent.)

So yeah, I’m all for this.


Agreed with bullying being a big concern. I think we should definitely limit it or have heavy moderation.


The question would be who moderates it? Do you trust the user to moderate it themselves or create a new ambassador role where their job is to moderate all group chats? The latter could become a fairly huge job for the Ambassadors if there’s a lot of groups made.


I’d love this! My biggest worry is not getting real time updates, though.


Would love this idea as sort of a landing spot for when you finish a certain reading milestone - like a closed chat for those who just finished Parts 1-10, then 11-xx, then xx-finished. Almost like a running group, but reading.


Eh, I don’t think you have to worry about bullying much. They have this very feature on Goodreads for each book at the bottom of every book page, under Discussions, although it’s public there. I’ve never seen any trolling or bullying there, but of course the potential is always there wherever people go. What can be done about trolls, eh? ¯\_(ﭢ)_/¯

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I think I’m okay with lurking, or like contributing with just the standard comments. I’m a very much independent, I suppose, and I think if I wanted to do a group, I’d just kind of chat about stuff on Discord. But I usually talk one-on-one with people or just public I suppose


I love this idea. To be able to discuss with other readers and/or the author about a book that you’re all reading at the same time would be neat and a great way to have more of an in-depth discussion. I love bookclubs and discussing books with people so this would be an awesome feature!


I likely wouldn’t use it outside of the potential “author fan club” situation. I don’t tend to make friend groups on Wattpad.

…unsure if that helps? Feedback from the other side (´∀`=)

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would the author be informed, would they be part of the discussion ?
because i rather not tbh :I