Haiku Game

Hi there, welcome to the haiku game! I remember playing this on a different thread before but that was in the previous community. I didn’t come up with this idea, but I thought it’d be fun to try.

So basically there are three lines in a haiku. The first and last lines of a haiku have 5 syllables and the middle line has 7 syllables. For this game, one person writes a haiku and the next person must use the last word in the last line of the poem to start their own.

For example:

First user:
The sun’s rays shine
So luminously today
Just the way you do

Second user:
Do you hear the sound
Of the ocean reaching shore
Embracing our souls?

And that’s the game!

I’ll start us off:

The flowers flourish
Under the sunlight’s gaze
Swaying to the wind.

Some people I think that may enjoy this:
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Wind is like our name
Blows us back and forth based on
The way that we turn.


Turn to me and tell
me: whom you abhor to death.
No one comes to mind.

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I let my mind roam
And I remember her kiss
And I start to cry

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Cry for her, I said,
if not for me. You are still
just like your mother

Mother, I’m sorry
you were right, I do need you,
but your soul has left

Left watching winter
carve the bones of our city,
the cats are hungry.

Haiku’s are easy
They do not have to make sense

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Mist into midnight
A star hidden behind clouds
Caged away from sight

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sight of the water
makes my bones cold deep within
shiver without touch

Touch hits my scarred core
Telling me I should be more
I run through the door

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Nice i have played it works well.

Door, open wide for me
Let me run free, away from the
Terrors I left behind.

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Behind me is dark
They are coming after me
Coming in my sleep

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Sleep is futile for me
Not when the dark world waits, no
Outside my dreaming wonderlands

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That’s not a Haiku

first line is 6
third line is 8

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Wonderlands I dream
Dreaming of simpler places
Calling my heart back

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hacia la calma
marcha la primavera
canta Alondra

                                                                trino de Mirlo
                                                         vuelves con el verano
                                                                entre el trigo

desde su tela
recela la Araña
teje marañas

            desde los sueños 
                        siembras sutil maestra


Knowledge sinks in deep,
flows through us like clear water,
and pools in our minds.

Minds of the people
Different as they all are
Beautiful to me.