Hark! LGBT Writers! I Want Your Content! Part 2


Hiya! This is Thread 2!

I still want more LGBT content if you didn’t post in my first thread! I love your content! I’m a live response reader so I’ll know if your story is my thing, I’ll know in the first couple of chapters! I love to read and really get into your story.

I know my comments can be cheeky, but they are always in good spirit and in line with the content, so if the content is a little rude…hold my beer!



Is this a “I want to read your stuff” thing? I can’t really tell :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yes please, I added a little bit to make it more clear x


I mean, my story Sidekick has a genderqueer mc who uses neopronouns, and my short story Glamour is literally about gender lol. Do you like poetry?


Hi there,

You’re not allowed to ask for recommendations outside of the #share-your-story:story-requests area, so I’ll move it over there.

I’m also going to edit it slightly as threads in the #share-your-story:story-requests club isn’t for chatting, but purely for posting recommendations.

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Thank you AW X X

And sorry x

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Don’t know if this is your kind of story, but I have one called Catch Me which is about two boys :woman_shrugging:

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hey bby

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Have you writ up some LGBT stuff?

Cause if I can write all my confusing sick sh$%, it should come naturally to proper authors… :wink:


Hey there. I’ve written an urban fantasy about alternate realities -it’s called Earthshine. In it, a geeky gay guy discovers that in another dimension he is a famous quarterback with a supermodel girlfriend. As the two doppelgängers get to know each other, they realize they are not as different as they seem.
Link: https://www.wattpad.com/story/185706320-earthshine-the-raintree-chronicles-book-1

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Sorry sweetie :wink: will do.

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I would love to share my story with you. I can’t say that its LGBT+ yet but that’s only because my MC doesn’t really think about sexuality much, sex and sexuality are just a means to an end for much of the beginning of his story. That being said there are definite LGBT+ pieces and it does end up being an LGBT+ story in the end. I hope that made sense.



My story is about a girl gradually realizing that she is NOT straight.

Delusions of Grace



This sounds nice…


I usually write about traps, but I think this one counts:

Title: With Yourself

Genre: Short Story, Romance

Blurb: After Eric asks his friend Martin to make a clone of him, Martin has just one condition for Eric. But will he be able to keep to it?


My story is a romance between two guys, and I’ve got a story that should be coming out soon with a trans man as a main character. :slight_smile:
My currently active project is Claws & Keepers if you want to take a look!


Hey if you’re interested in different kind of LGBT story. It’s a self discovery book, of a hetero girl realizing she is gay/bi. It sorta a coming out book. (The narrator doesn’t know she is gay but it’s meant for the reader to pieces it together first) It’s paced slowly, super angsty, with the mc dating a guy until she’s not. I wanted it to have the similar feel of how it feels like to realize your gay. I know a lot of people just know but I know for me it was a slow build. Until I was like…Oh I’m into girls and it’s okay. It’s a slow burn don’t expect anything too explicit.

a lot of my readers haven’t figure out its gay though. despite every chapter to be focused on one girl…so thats fun.

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I LOVE stories about traps!!

But the cloning bit sounds like sci-fi

P.S was your account ever compromised…? I saw this same pic of yours on a rogue post that was removed…