Has anyone had experience with HarperCollins, or know someone who has? Good or bad? Horror stories?


It’s one of the “Big 5.”

If I were considering trad publishing, I wouldn’t turn them away without strong consideration.


What type of book? The fantasy imprint of Harper Collins (Harper Voyager) is probably the worst of the big five. They are VERY rights grabby (more so than the others is saying something) and I found their advances to be subpar. I turned down an offer to publish with them because the Penguin Random House offer for the same series had 4x the advance and they wanted only print/ebook, and Harper wanted print/ebook/audio.

Now, that said, I think all big-five are requiring audio now. So that probably has evened that playing field.


Does it means you submitted at the same time. Is it okay to submit to multiple agents/publishers? I really dont know because their rule says do not send your manuscript if you are sending to us. :pensive:


Yes, you can – and should submit to multiple agents OR multiple publishers. Some agencies want you to submit on only one agent in the agency. Respect that. Occasionally an agent will ask for an exclusive. Those aren’t good for writers. If you do decide to grant one, then put a time limit (like 2 weeks) on it.

If you’re submitting to agents, don’t submit to publishers. Every time you do, you are knocking a place that an agent could sell to off the list – and agents get pissy about that.

If you’re going to query agents, do that first until you exhaust your list. THEN if you want to query publishers directly, go for it.


Oh thank you friend :heart: this info helped me