Harry Potter Fanatics UNITE


Hello! Wanting to start a community of friends who LOVE HP as much as I do!! Whether you write fanfic or just read it, please come and hang out and get to know each other!

Please feel free to discuss your works (fanfics you have written/are writing), other fanfics you’ve read and LOVE (because we can all use another great one to read, right?), and just have conversation!

xxo, Neville (Janna)


Well hi my names ashton and I’m a Slytherin.

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Hi. Adam. Badger forever

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Hello I’m a Ravenclaw. Has anyone read Modification here on wattpad? Its a HP Fanfiction.

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HI! Yaass I’m also a Hufflepuff!


I haven’t but will have to for sure!


Hi, welcome!

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What about Crimes of Grindelwald? :thinking:

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Yes! Amazing as well! I have to admit I know less about the history stuff involved in it because I haven’t really done much more than watch the movies. But I’d love to write a book about them sometime and actually do some reading on it


My name is Layla and I’m a Ravenclaw!

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Nice to meet you!!


hi i’m alyssa and i’m a slytherin and a massive dork

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Name your favourite fanfic or author:
Mine fav HP author is kmbell92. She has soooo many books and wow they’re just amazing.


really? I never really liked reading fanfics cuz ppl always get the character’s personality wrong

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I’m pretty picky. But if it’s well written I will support it hardcore. I just love them so much because you get to keep living in the world after the originals are over


This is my kind of thread. Hi!

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hello!! fellow hufflepuff???


That I am!

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sweet! do you read or write or both?