Has Anyone Had A Paranormal Experience?


Has anyone had a real life paranormal experience?

I lived in two haunted homes and I where I work odd things happen when I’m last and locking up.

What about you?


Does sleep paralysis count? lol


Sure, I guess.

Mind sharing?


I got some sleep paralysis plenty of times. One of the scariest ones is I saw a baby’s hands clutching into mine during Sleep paralysis (I really hope it’s just my visions playing games with me). Or someone’s voice ringing in my ear.
It’s a very scary experience. It’s not creepy pasta worthy though.


Creepy pasta worthy?

How does your sleep paralysis works? My husband suffers from it occasionally. He says that it usually happens when he goes to bed “too tired”. His body will fall asleep before his brain will so he’s awake, but his body can’t move.


Creepy pasta is that one common website where people search for paranormal stories. You can check it out for fun. Some stuffs are fictional though.

It’s the same thing with your husband, dear. When I am really tired, usually the sleep paralysis triggers to my senses.
Some people say that sleeping paralysis means you got ‘possessed’, so I usually pray before going to sleep to make me less afraid.


What do you see? He doesn’t go into much details since one he’s tight-lipped to begin with.

I will talk to him till he goes to sleep. That seems to stop it for the most part for him.


I’m not sure if this counts, but it remains a mystery.

I was hanging out on Discord back in January around the evening, then I took a split second glance outside the window to see something weird drifting outside past my window. It looked human, the sky was clear, and I was high enough to be away from the ground, so this thing just drifted past my window mid-air.

I assumed it was a ghost, but I don’t know for sure, so it’s forever going to remain a mystery.


What did it look like? I mean humans come in the male, female, child, adult, etc variety.

I mean it does count I guess. I doubt you live on a Native American Burial ground… unfortunately, a lot of them didn’t make it to get buried.


It’s hard to tell. It definitely had an adult human shape, but beyond that, I couldn’t see much else. It was there for a split second before it went out of sight.


I once woke up in someone else’s body.


When I was younger, and would have the house to myself at night (due to my Mom working and/or having gone out to the bar), I swear that I would hear a disembodied voice saying my name. It was creepy as Hell. ><


Well it does count. I hope you don’t have any more experiences after that. Just seeing stuff is scary.




Did your mother or anyone else ever hear anything or see anything?


Did you ever find out who was calling you? Did you try to find the voice?


When I was 5, I woke up in the body of a neighbour, who was an old man. I saw myself do everything as that old man, and even saw what he used to do early in the morning. Later when I woke up and realised it was all a dream, I went to his house and spied on him to learn that my dream was extremely accurate. He was having an argument with his wife, and when I went there they were still arguing. Did I possess him? Was it all just a coincidence? Who can say?


Care to share that for my book? I’ll dedicate the chapter to you. I do small chapters.


Sure, feel free to.



Again, no. BUT when I told my mother about it after it happened a couple of times, she said it might have been my older sisters (who died when they were both babies) were trying to communicate with me or something.

Yes and no? I mean, it’s been quite a loooong time since it happened, so…


Inbox me…

Also your experience sounds like “remote viewing”.

It’s an interesting subject. Have you had anything happen like that before?