Has Anyone Had A Paranormal Experience?


Just a humorous mishearing that stays with me. Whenever someone mentions ghosts, I inevitably think of goats and usually find the substitution amusing. So I’ll be thinking that she may be haunted by the goats in her machine, or that he might have seen his grandfather’s goats in the kitchen, etc.

And sometimes it makes a little bit of sense. For example, I really and truly do believe in goats. I’ve seen them. I’ve fed them. Heck, I’ve been kicked by them and I’ve eaten them. Why shouldn’t I believe?

But mostly it makes me chuckle. A little inside joke that I find fun.

But probably I shouldn’t. When someone is talking about ghosts, and I am just amused and maybe smile and laugh, it tends to alienate people.

I mean, unless I were talking to Gomez Addams or somebody like that.


When my research (for my job) got intense enough to actually start to understand the basic structure of the brain and why it works and what consciousness actually is … it’s absolutely clear to me now that nothing of a person’s consciousness can possibly exist without the brain functioning. It’s like saying you can’t lift a ten-pound weight with your right hand, after your right hand has been amputated.

So, I would say ghosts are perceived presences not necessarily corresponding to an actual presence or to any physical phenomenon. The “persona” or “communications” are based on our memories of someone, but composed inside our own heads by the processes in the brain that are usually active when we’re dreaming. Which is often GOOD, because that part of our consciousness often handles some enormous amounts of data and comes to “hunch” conclusions that are often very good, but that our self-aware mind can’t justify. Having a “ghost” tell you something doesn’t mean that it’s false, nor that you’re crazy. It just means you’ve been pretending to yourself that you still don’t know something that the back of your consciousness figured out a while ago.


This isn’t exactly a ghost story but it was something even my sceptical husband couldn’t explain.

On holiday in Greece. Skiathos. I’m in the sea, and I’m asking asking asking for a particular deceased loved one to send me a fish. My thinking was that there are loads of fish in the sea, so a simple easy old thing like a little fish would be a piece of cake for spirit to manipulate.

After ten mins no fish. No surprise, perhaps. So, all disgruntled, I went and sat down on the beach, closed my eyes and sunbathed.

Next thing, my husband is shaking me…Look at that! Look at that! It’s a bloody fish.

Up there in a sky so blue and clear was a single cloud formation. A perfect huge fish. With eyes, gills, fins, the lot. I was gobsmacked. It didn’t just look like a fish shaped cloud. It was perfectly sculptured. I took a photo, but by the time I’d grabbed my camera it was starting to fragment.

My husband said that the cloud had just been a blob not ten minutes before.


I’m not surprised. It’s insulting and disrespectful to the people who are receptive to the frequencies you can’t or won’t perceive yourself.


When my brother was still living in our house (2 years ago), our cats would be afraid of the attic at night. I felt like i was being watched all the time and we would hear foot steps around the house. Things would be moved around. There was a medium here once that said it was my great grandmothers protection spirit. It protected my brother. As soon as he left our house everything stopped.


I do think that you have to eliminate via all logical reasons why there is a ‘supernatural’ occurrence or phenomena. Take orbs. The majority of them are dust. I’d go so far to say that all those captured on film ARE dust and nothing more. I get wound up when I see people going into raptures on social media over obviously faked ghost apps.

But…I’ve seen real orbs with my own eyes. I’ve seen dark shapes, lights and shadows I can’t explain. I’ve had energy vibrate through my body like a pneumatic drill. I’ve heard voices. Seen with my own eyes objects being moved. I would never have fully believed if I hadn’t experienced all those personally, so I understand when people don’t believe.

I’ve seen with my own eyes transfiguration…where spirit energy is overlaid over the medium’s face like a hologram. I watched the whites of its transposed eyes flicker round the room, as it stared at each one of us. It was, and is to date, the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen.

It’s fine when people don’t believe. But by the same score don’t be so ignorant as to scoff at those who do and have experienced spirit activity first hand.


One thing I’ve learned about spirit, is they love music. It’s the vibration. And they are vibration themselves so it can resonate with them. We all vibrate. The whole damned Universe is one big song. There are just different higher or lower frequencies that have to be tuned into. When spirit connect with us, they have to lower their vibrational energy to match ours. This undulates, very much like radio waves, and so you have moments of connection that are transitional. A medium is able to higher their vibrations to match those of spirit. Unless you have a natural ability to do this, or training, it’s hard to do. Which is why some people can do this and some struggle and some feel nothing at all.


To be honest, I used to be like that.
Until that mass possession happened :joy:


Wow that by far is the most in depth explanation I’ve heard so far.

… and now I’m going to be haunted by goats too.

Good one!



Now I’m looking up maps to see what to see what sea you are talking about and to see if there are lots of fish in that sea. Yes, I’m doing the sea/see thing on purpose :grinning:


Where did you see all this?

I believe because I’ve seen things. I feel I have a degree of sensitivity. I do not put myself whatsoever in any supernatural things… like going to Halloween parties in the cemetery, autumn festivals in the crypts or winter walks in the same cemetery. I only go as far as to use the Walmart across from a cemetery. It’s far away enough thanks to the massive parking lot (and I park on the other side).

I won’t ever call anyone crazy for having a paranormal experience. I hear voices in my home, but half the time I find it to be my neighbors sometimes I can hear their telephone ring if nothing is happening and all is quiet. Mostly, I just find mundane things to be the cause of some things that are out of the ordinary.


Are you a paranormal investigator? You are very well-knowledged in this area it seems.


I’ve seen many things over many years in many places. our old dog came back to say hello, and my husband felt him too. And our new dog, who barked and barked at the space where the old dog used to lie. I guess I’m just open to it.


I swear my house is haunted.
Things fall over all the time when no one is standing beside them, and they are sitting perfectly on whatever they are sitting on. I hear footsteps outside of my room every so often and feel like I’m being watched. It’s a creepy feeling.


I’ve done investigations yes. Not organised them but been on many. They can be a bit hit and miss, but I have seen some amazing things. I have friends who are mediums and I’ve been in a development group for over ten years. I work as a Reiki healer and also do trance healing, so my connection with that, shall we say, energy…is quite defined now. But I used to see things as a kid, and my mother and great grandmother were also mediums. We all have the ability, but you have to put the work in to develop it. And have an open mind.


People are generally influenced by what spirit activity entails because of movies. It’s rarely that dramatic, to be honest. There’s no need to be scared. If you do have spirit activity…it’s just people. Unless you have a haunting, or Stonetape phenomenon going on, you can communicate with them.


I’m not scared, it’s just creepy. x3 I always see like, shadows whisping by out in the corner of my eye or I feel like someone is touching me. Sometimes my clothes are being pulled and no one is near me and I’m not near anything that can pull at my clothing.


I feel things and I see things. I live down the block from the sight of a revolutionary war battle (General Washington lost). Ironically, I could walk two block to see the monthly reenactments but only been to one once because I don’t want any attachments.

With that said, I’ve experienced passing spirits. I don’t know if I want to train or hone my abilities. My mother’s father was tormented by his. He told my mother about the stuff he saw as a child when he walked on his grandmother’s land. One story is when he stayed the night at a house. He use to own a moving company. He stayed the night to let his crew come in the next day. Well he got fed up when the ghost dropped a part of the ceiling in his soup. He just walked out the door and left it open. When one of his men came to take his place, they looked in the hole and found money and got to keep a little of it as reward. My grandfather didn’t even want a dime (the employee was going to share it with him)… he wanted no part of it that’s how bad the torment was.

and I don’t know if i want to train and hone any abilities.


Looks like someone just wants to say hello


Lots of people are scared of this, so you just don’t go there. You have to be ready and you have to have no fear.