Has Anyone Had A Paranormal Experience?


I’d love to visit Gettysburg…for two reasons…for its energy and because I wrote a book about it.

Attachments? They are very real. Part of my work is removing them. You’d be surprised how many people have them but they are mostly just earthbound people wanting to surf in on your energies. They don’t realise that they can drain you and make you feel their own sadness or depression. You think those are your own feelings but if you have an attachment, it’s their emotions you feel. It’s very sad actually. These spirits are just lost.


When I was a kid, I would see things and people that weren’t there. I would call them my “helpers” and it got so bad that some of my very religious relatives were convinced I was f**ing possessed. I wasn’t, just to clarify, but my aunt…lets call her aunt btch, took me to a priest to and the priest literally gave me a f***ing exorcism. I cannot make this up, and I didn’t stop seeing my “helpers” until I was about sixteen. My parents told me ghosts aren’t real and that my helpers are in my head and I don’t actually have them. They slowly disappeared and I became more and more depressed. There is one left. I call him “Jack” and he says he would have been my brother if he had survived. To make sure he wasn’t lying, I got out some old pictures. I have a twin, but we would have been triplets and I would have had a brother if Jack had survived.


I so hate this. People with the gift of spirit communication being shut down. You were shut down. Sadly, this happens a lot.


How do you know if you have attachments? I’ve chatted with a few folks who suspect they have them. One was on the old board the other on this new forum.



Thank Jack for sticking by you and honor his memory and presence. You’re making me cry for the one I lost.


Feeling fatigued, inexplicable bouts of depression, having thoughts you know aren’t your own, no energy, , negative emotions, suicidal thoughts, anxiety and unexplained phobias, headaches, digestive problems.

Of course, you have to make sure that none of those things can be explained medically. People with attachments are usually fine and healthy and get none of those until the attachment.

Having mental health issues is not the same thing either. Though the two are often confused.


I had a client recently who came to me with an attachment. She was feeling fine then suddenly felt off, kept having bouts of depression she’d never had before, tearful, sadness, etc. She had a guy with her, who was lodged in her solar plexus, it was his feelings and emotions she was picking up on. He’d simply been attracted to her energy and hitched a ride.


I have always wanted to have a paranormal experience. Mainly, I want to just see a ghost or see something of that nature. The closest I can come to having any experience at all in from when I used to live with my dad as a kid.
One morning I got up and told him of this dream I had where I had been outside playing under the deck, which arched over the basement entrance. Except in my dream there was a big mason jar full of wasps, like a hive, attached on the underside of the deck.
In my dream I was carefully trying to sneak around it and find a way back inside the house.
Anyways, I didn’t remember much about the dream besides that but he gave me the weirdest look after and said that last night he had been reading a book of poetry and one of the poems had a line about a jar of wasps. He wasn’t talking out loud and I wasn’t known to read through his books back then.
Anyways, that’s about the most inexplicable thing that has happened to me.


Uh uh, I’ve like all but two of those things and I’m on the healthy side if you don’t look at those.

… and now I’m creeped out BIGLY


That’s scary…


That’s an experience and a fine one at that. No one got hurt and no one was frightened.


I used to work at a fast food restaurant a couple weeks back. That place was haunted man. Things flew off the shelves when no one was near them, you could hear things that you really shouldn’t be able to hear. One of our managers there went to the bathroom and came back saying they heard a mans voice and accused one of the guys that was there laughing, trying to scare her but they were in the back working the entire time.

When you are there past a certain time, you can hear footsteps in the lobby when it’s cleaned and there’d be no one in the lobby. Or you can hear things falling down in the freezer section and no one was in there. It was so freaky man. A few co workers told me a story where the back door opened and closed by itself, and they were the last three people in the store and they were getting ready to leave and scared them half to death.


Was it a McDonald’s by chance?


I found some local “haunted” places and visited a few. One of them had a bit of a dark history I won’t delve into here; to make it short, property was built over graves. I went to what remained of the graveyard and it was locked up due to vandalism. I fit my hands through gates and snapped some shots with my camera. Definitely a little weird that the photos had orbs (and in strangely positioned places, not in any pattern, some directly above gravestones), but I still wouldn’t consider the experience damning. Just weird. :thinking:


Nope it was Taco Bell. I had to leave because the place was toxic (the people that worked there was horrible and the costumer service from said people) but yeah xD


Uh uh… find out if someone’s died there if you can or anything that can be the cause of the haunting. BUT DON’T talk to or acknowledge the ghosts because they might acknowledge you back.


I never talked to the ghost. xD They called him George though lol.


There was a fire there a couple years back. Idk if anyone died in that fire but yeah. it was remodeled.


What haunted place was built on graves?

Why do people build on graves? “Let’s build on a bunch of graves, the residents won’t mind, said no one ever… so why are there so many places that are built on them?”


It’s a tiny city near me. But yeah, it was pretty disgusting to have done.