Has Anyone Had A Paranormal Experience?


Ronald McDonald is scary AF… FYI

Anyway it’s probably good that you did quit. The work environment was toxic and haunted. Negative entities feed off the toxicity. I love Taco Bell though.


Be careful while going out to those places… be careful of the living and the dead.


I knew that but at the time I couldn’t really leave because it was an easy job and paid the bills. XD Plus it was funny watching my co-workers get scared shitless because of it, especially this one girl I didn’t particularly like… But that does make a lot of sense with all the toxic in the air.


I certainly try to be respectful. But out of curiosity I look. I find nothing.


Some people wear blessed crosses and other holy items.

And yes, respect is key.

I went to visit an old penitentiary and I felt something while visiting. I pretty much picked up my kid and my mother and ran out the place.

That’s brave visiting those places.


I’ve had two that I can recall that took place at different times, but at the same place—my aunt’s house. The first incident was when I was in middle school and I had accompanied my mother to my aunt’s house (her sister) so she can collect their mail and feed their pets (they were away on vacation for 2 weeks). I had stayed in the car at first, but decided it was getting too damn hot and went inside.

But anyway, not to delve too much into it while my mom was busy double-checking if everything was in order I decided to wait in the foyer. I was sitting at the bottom of the stairwell when I heard something that sounded like a ball bouncing against the hardwood floors coming from the hall above me. I thought it was the house maybe “settling” but then I heard what sounded like a child’s laugh. I quickly nope’d back outside to wait in the car again.

Second incident happened when I was in high school, same house. I was home alone with my cousin who is a year younger than me. Being the older one, I was the one tasked in ~keeping watch~ so it’s like whatever. We were chilling in the guest bedroom, because the computer was in there alongside a TV when we heard a door slam shut. It turned out to be her parents’ bedroom door. We thought maybe a window had been open and caused it to slam shut or something, because neither one of us recalled if the door had been completely open or slightly ajar.

ANYWAY, I went to go investigate while my cousin watched me from the doorway of the guest room. There was no open window or anything and I just kind of poked around for a bit to make sure no one had come inside the house or something, even though I was scared shitless at the time and ready to run out. The temperature of the room was really cold, but the house in general has always been cold—so when I felt something warm tickling my arm/shoulder my instinct was to whip around. Saw nothing, but felt so god damn uncomfortable that I hurried out of their room and back to the guest room.

Spent the rest of the evening basically holed up in the guest room with my cousin until everyone else came back.

ETA: I just remembered a 3rd incident. I had forgotten this one, because it was kind of traumatizing. It occurred at the same house—I was sleeping over because my aunt had the big house all to herself and was scared to be alone so to be nice I slept an evening there. I decided to sleep in my cousin’s room, because by then the guest room had become a storage closet. Anyway, my cousin collect’s those American dolls and has maybe 6-7 of them. They sit at the top shelf of this dresser thing and face the direction of her bed. Creepy by itself, mind you.

I got up in the middle of the night to pee and came back to 2 of the dolls’ heads turned and facing the door. The door is to the left from the bed. In other words, those 2 no longer were looking at the bed. I NOPED AWAY SO FAST. For whatever reason all the weird shit happens on the 2nd story of that house, so I decided to spend the rest of the evening downstairs in the living room instead.


It comes on very suddenly, literally overnight and is really intense. Once the attachment is cleared or drops off, the ‘symptoms’ go. It tends to happen more with people who work with those energies, healers/mediums etc, or people who are very sensitive to psychic vibrations. The majority of people don’t get affected because they’re not sensitive to it, and just don’t feel it, or pick up on it.

We all get a variety of those symptoms from time to time, nothing to do with attachments. Just life. So don’t get too freaked out XD

Just to add, that most attachments only last a few hours or days, and then drop off. Then spirit person has just latched on because the living person’s energies feel good to them, comfort them and often, helps them to heal and move into the light.


That’s good to know. That describes my mother right there. Her mood swings can be scary. When she calms down she doesn’t know why she would do that. She has seen a shrink in the past.

I can say first hand that some of the things she says doesn’t match the things she does. IDK…if it’s her age catching up to her, though she’s been that way for all my life or what.


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Thanks so much for enlightening me


I’ve been an investigator or nearly 30 years…I knew I had special gifts at the age of eight. I’ll be reaching 200th investigation this year! I’ve had countless encounters with the supernatural. It’s all I’ve ever known. @AngelVaow


Care to share a story or two? I’m all cat ears :smile:




I guess the best one is when I visited the hotel where my grandmother was killed in a kerosene explosion, on the anniversary of her death. I had my best friend with me and we were doing an EVP session (audio recording) and I asked if anyone was there with us and we got a response in a whisper of “Yes.” Then, a half hour later, we were just sitting in silence and heard the glass doors behind us jiggle, then open. Not 2 seconds later, the word, “Open” showed up on our Ovilus (device that registers words for ghosts.) It was one of the most amazing experiences ever!


I’ve seen a few things as a practitioner of magick.

Things flying across the room. Shadow people. Poltergeist type stuff.

Lots of people don’t want to believe in it but there are things out there that truly do defy logic.


Do you know if it was your grandmother who was doing the talking?


The typical “Western Civilized” world tend to not believe in the supernatural while everyone else does and some even have extensive knowledge of it.




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