Has Anyone Had A Paranormal Experience?


Ouija Boards. Do you? Have you? Would you?




and NOPE!




Guilty on all counts!

Joking aside, I’m an experienced medium, so I know what I’m doing and I never, ever use them unless I’m with others who are experienced and with the utmost spiritual protection.


ya girl got chased out of a Victorian graveyard by a full-body apparition a few months back (((:



What did it look like?

I guess it wasn’t friendly… or you angered it…

What were you doing and where were you?

Please don’t say it was midnight…


I’m just wondering how do you know who you’re connecting with. I get you’re talking to the “other side”, but there’s lots of things over there. I understand that you know what you are doing… I’ve heard many mediums and psychics won’t touch it because they can’t control who they communicate with.

I’d like to hear your views though…


Not me who angered it!! I’m a little bit into witchcraft, so a few days later I went back and spoke to it and left an offering of a rose quartz for peace and energy. It was the guardian spirit, is my working theory - the first individual buried in that yard, which then becomes a kind of ghostly bouncer lmfao. During the encounter, it was really scary, but after going back I realised it was more of like… a stern dad.

My friend was with me, and asked me to bring along my ouija board. It was about 9pm and we’d gone to watch the fireworks from the graveyard, since it’s on a very tall hill and is a great vantage point for Guy Fawkes night. We used the ouija board for a bit, but got repetitive messages that I interpreted as the spirits asking nicely to be left alone, because it’s a special night and their minds are on other things. I took my hands off the planchette and asked my friend to stop, but she continued - at some point the energy of the responses changed from a polite kind of “thanks for coming, but we’re not interested in speaking just now!” to a “Get Out Of Here.”

So I obviously was like, amigo we have to gtfo! She was extremely reluctant but I pulled her along and as we hurried down all the paths, we both felt the thing following us very close behind, and moving very quickly. We both had the sense it was after her, and I was simply collateral damage. Anyway, we got out, my friend was crying and all shook up, and I looked back at the gates where it had stopped and saw it - more in my mind’s eye than physically, but it was so clear! Really tall, humanoid but sort of stretched and distorted, sickly grey colour and no discernible facial features. A little scary, but I was more fascinated than terrified.

It’s a fun story! It also was the straw that broke the camel’s back for me and that friend, so to speak - she wasn’t a good person, and I quickly cut her off after that experience. But what a cool encounter!

EDIT: I have to add, I’m sort of agnostic on the supernatural. Even after this experience, I have half a mind to just chalk it up to a spooky atmosphere and a few beers. But say I do believe in the supernatural, put myself in that mindset, then I do think I have an affinity for sensing beings and energy. I wouldn’t call myself psychic at all, but I have high empathy in the real world too - studying to become a psychotherapist - and I completely trust my own judgement of the “moods” of the spirits and who was where.


I’ve been doing medium development for a long time. Many years in fact. I’m a Reiki healer and a rescue medium. You get to know and recognise the different energy vibrations. When something is negative, or bad, its energy signature is heavy, with a slow vibration. You kind of know within a few minutes what you’ve got on the board, so you shut it down. Immediately. You don’t engage. You don’t allow it to get a foothold. You don’t play ball. Unless you’ve got experience with working with those vibrations, most people won’t feel them, or recognise them. They’ll just go off the messages they’re getting.

I’ve had many wonderful messages from a board. And very few negatives ones. You have to remember that it’s not the board, per se…but the people using it that are the problem, their intention and energy. If they’re not aware of something dark coming through, they have no way of dealing with it. Once fear sets in, you’ve had it. Fear is THE biggest fast food for negative energies. A lot of mediums won’t touch it because a part of them is afraid. You cannot be afraid when you use it. But you do have to have respect, and know when to stop and be very aware of what’s out there. I work with my guides and gate keepers on a regular basis when I heal, so my relationship with them is strong and when I ask for protection, I get it. It’s not a case of controlling who you are communicating with. Spirit all have free will. It’s a case of not engaging, or giving away your own personal power.

The other thing you must learn is how to close the board down.


Mind sharing that story? Like you said it is a fun story? Inbox me if you do.


Well I’m just curious though, you say you’re into witchcraft, but you’re skeptical of the supernatural… how does that work? The pagan arts and religions all are based on faith in the supernatural in some shape or form.


Makes sense… It makes total sense why a bunch of teen girls with a spirit board get Zozo. Zozo is on a McDs run and they’re his burger and fries. Yes, that image went through my head. I’m trying to keep this lighthearted although folks do get hurt by Zozo and “friends”.

Mind if I ask you one personal question…

How’d you get into this?


I’ve always been ‘tuned in’ since I was a kid. So as I got older I decided to learn more and started off at my local spiritualist church. I took it from there.


Not sure if this counts.

I once dreamt of myself leaving my own body, then I followed this black smoke-y object and when I look back, I see myself still lying on the bed. Then the ground was swept under my feet then I was falling. I woke up some time later, but I still couldn’t move. However, I’m aware of the sounds and voices in the house.

The last one was sleep paralysis, yes, since my brain woke up before my body. But the first one, that’s the one that gets to me and still couldn’t forget until now. It’s really creepy.

Other than that, I have no paranormal experiences. :joy:


Out of body experiences are quite common apparently.


Well, yeah. But I still find it creepy.:rofl:


Well I’m not sure these are paranormal but I live near an ancient cemetery (biggest in the city) for 10 years. I remember when I was around 14 house would always had noises at night and one night I was home alone trying to study and I heard little scrathes, and there is a certain spot on the ground that makes noise only stepped on it hard. It was almost like someone walking in the house (you know when fabric grazes fabric it makes a sound) I checked around see ıf a bird got in again, nothing. I was very used to scary stories so I still don’t believe these things didn’t think about it much and as usual pops and knocks started to sound in the kitchen mostly from our fridge. At one point it got really annoying so I suddenly shouted ‘Shut up!’ in the middle of the night to the empty house. It got silent for a while. My second memory is when I was around 16 I was incredibly sick and sleepy. I caught cold and was in pain (you know it’s so bad when you are walking it’s almost like someone is stabbing your brain, setting your body on fire? It was that kind of pain I was hardly walking) but didn’t take any pills. So I got tired walking from kitchen to my bed I layed on my bed. I had my hair up with a pen, wearing house boots and thick cardigan. My rooms light was on door closed. I layed on my stomach (didn’t get in bed) and thought I should lay a little and then get up in 5 min. while thinking that I passed out. In the morning I was inside bed in the same position (haven’t moved an inch), my boots taken off, the pen in my head was neatly put far away from my reach my hair not even ruffled and my light was off. I was so sick I couldn’t get up (sleepwalking is not even possible I could hardly walk awake) so I thought mom must have put me in bed. She and I were the only ones in the house. Don’t know why, I asked my mom If she put me in bed last night she said no my lights were off by the time she went to bed. She is a light sleeper she hasn’t heard me make a noise in the night. So I don’t have sleep walking past I sleep like a corpse and I was so sick to move. I still don’t think it was ghosts, aliens maybe lol :smile: Another one is a few months back I was working on my book lost track of time it was 3 am so I went to bed got comfortable and my mom has nickname for me, only she calls me that. I heard my mothers clear voice say my nickname. It was so clear almost like she was on my door. So I got up to check her room if she needed my help. She was deep asleep, snoring. There were no one in home except for us, in the morning I said she called my name in the middle of night she said she didn’t even if she called me from her room I couldn’t have heard it. So I thought it was my mind playing tricks. But of course I don’t think any of these were ghosts or anything because it’s not real. These things just happened and I don’t know what happened. But you guys want stories so here you go.


Seriously weird stuff happened in the last blood moon. Many people around the world agrees that it was some sort of black magic done like back when aztecs did perform.


I have some, mainly in my childhood and then lessen until almost none in my adulthood. You can say that my… “sense” kinda sharpened when I’m in a strange place. I mainly see black shadows, and never in corporeal form. I also have… some dreams that come true. Just snippets of it, and might happen long after the dream. It’s kinda run in the family. lol


But the smoke thing? Did you ever investigate that? Also were you dreaming when you were following it? I’m sort of confused… and yes it sounds super creepy.


Yes, it was a dream where my soul left my physical body. :sweat_smile:

The smoke thing were gone when I look back, but I dreamt about it several times afterwards. Sometimes I’m following it, sometimes I’m standing in front of it. I also had sleep paralysis every night before then, but I didn’t dwell on that, because I was always tired at the time because of school. Those creepy dreams were, I supposed, was just a bonus.