Has Anyone Had A Paranormal Experience?


I did share it, lmao. That’s the graveyard story. Obviously skimped on detail, but that’s the meat and bones of it!

I don’t think being skeptical negates practice! I’m not super committed to witchcraft - it’s more like now and then I’ll dust off the tarot cards for a wee reading session, or I’ll find some cheap sage in a spiritual shop and do a whole gaff cleansing, or I’ll be so stressed out over some real life situation that I’ll put together a whole elaborate spell just to put my mind at ease. I don’t necessarily fully believe that the tarot cards hold all the answers, or that sage will really get rid of negative energy and entities, or that the spell will really sort all my shit out. It’s kind of just therapeutic for me - it might do something, and that’s enough to calm me down or give me confidence when I need it.

I take the same approach to other religion. I’m not set on what I believe yet, and sometimes I lean more towards Christianity than witchcraft. I’ll go to church one Sunday, read some chapters of the Bible, pray for a little while. Am I dead set in my belief that God is real and He’s looking out for me? No, not really! But it still makes me feel better to do all the proper things and know that, maybe, He will help me out and this has made me a better person in the grand scheme of things.

RE: the supernatural experiences, then, the graveyard incident and the times I’ve had conversations with a ouija board or pendulum and whatnot - I don’t know if I really believe it’s anything more than just subconscious muscle movements and a vivid imagination. But, just in case it is, I want to be totally aware of what’s going on, be cautious, and then tell the story later because it’s always fun.


I do know that certain earth bound spirits can and do use the voices of loved ones to gain attention. Just acknowledge them and tell them firmly you want to be left alone.


Seeing dark shapes and smoky things is also common. I see them. I have friends who see them. They won’t harm you. Nothing can harm you but your own fear. Our third dimension world isn’t the only plane of existence in this universe. There are many. Elementals come in many forms. They are just doing their ‘thing’ and often pass temporarily into our vibratory field and therefore become visible to us.


I don’t really believe in ghost or elements since I haven’t saw or felt one in real life. But when you explain it like that, it made sense. I think I would probably look into this. :face_with_hand_over_mouth: Thanks for this info!


Blood moon black magic? Do tell?

Anyway you could have no recollection of taking yourself to bed. It’s interesting how anesthesia works when you go into surgery. If it’s outpatient, the doctor will give you medicine that will tell your brain to don’t remember the pain so you are feeling pain, but it’s not “registering or being stored”. I’m kind of wondering how that works… is the person screaming from pain, but don’t remember… but anyway getting back to your story… you could have passed out, got up and walked to your room and went to sleep. It’s routine enough moving around in your home so it’s possible, but it could have been paranormal too.


Dude there are literally aliens who looks like that look it up https://mysteriousuniverse.org/2018/12/black-eyed-children-the-ufo-alien-theory/


My husband has sleep paralysis. He can’t go to bed too tired or else it will happen. So if he’s too tired he won’t go to sleep immediately. He will get a cup of coffee to wake him up a little. Then relax and attempt to go to sleep. Normally, I will be worried and will stay awake. He says he opens his eyes and can’t move. But I’m noticed he jumps or makes a murmur. Then I will shake him awake. It’s only happened twice on my watch where I shake him.


Did you see one?


I was talking about for my book. I find it interesting and it was a fun story. It ends with no one getting harmed. If you do inbox me.


I’ve had it everyday for months when I was in high school. I’ve always had trouble sleeping before that. It’s in my blood, father side. My grandmother told me that if you can’t sleep, then stop trying if you don’t want it to happen. Wait for sleep to catch up to you, then fix your sleeping pattern from there by waking up at the same time everyday. That worked for me. :DI barely had it now, usually when I wake up.


İnteresting point but I said I took no medication or under anesthesia (sorry but I must state as a medical student thats not actually how anesthetics work) and the way my hair was you know when you take the pen out of your hair and don’t move the hair stays in same position that’s how I woke up and its not possible for me to take out my pen and place far away from my reach without moving without messing my hair and place it there. That’s why I thought mom must’ve tuck me in bed. (perhaps she did and she forgot how about that? :joy:.) Blood moon magic is sacrifical ritual time for aztecs and many other cultures (well to be fair its always sacrifice time for aztecs but whatever) aztecs would find pretty people and place them on earths ley lines (sorry but its google time for you) for their ‘gods below ground’ who wants blood. And they believed if they did not sacrificed on these ley lines gods would come to the surface and kill them (in the form of a dragon) So basically when they saw moon looked like blood they thought their gods wanted big amounts of blood and they would start a massacre on these ley lines and torture them to death. (Specifically they would brake these peoples ankles throw them on a pit so they can’t climb up and finally die in pain they thought their ‘gods’ were feeding of pain, war, fight, suffering etc.) (They even had special tools like ‘bone braker, vein puller’ gross things like that) so many believes that these rituals are still taking place but in a less suspicious way (Some people thinks many missing people are being kidnapped for these rituals) their main goal is to poison earths veins (ley lines) so people can get more violent more primitive easier to control. And it is believed that the blood moon is a thousand times stronger than the full moon so it would have a greater affect on the planet.(positive or negative depends on what you perform) But this is like a theory there are people who claims that they had videos of these rituals and princess Dianas baby was killed because of this and she was killed too because she talked about it. This is some cultic stuff I guess.


I saw far worse things.


Oh and fair enough to believe that. Like I said I was just curious.


Well congratulations you have met with a real life creepypasta sir.


It’s another common thing. My ex used to suffer with this when he got stressed. It’s not to be confused with astral attack.


There’s no evidence Diana was pregnant. And she died because she wasn’t wearing a seatbelt. Experts have agreed that had she worn a seatbelt, she’d still be alive.


Well I said ‘some people believed it’ I’m not talking about facts here I’m not even sure if it was princess diana but it was some princess.


So, you’re not talking about Diana, Princess of Wales? OK


But why he gets called Zozo tho? It’s funny. Did he named himself or was he named?


Yup, I did head to google for ley lines.

I believe that people are being abducted. I grew up in a poor neighborhood and there were tons of burned out abandoned factory buildings on almost every corner. Now these builds can take up 1 full block or half block and can have many floors. Well… when I was a kid I use to “explore them”. I didn’t break in the door, little girls can’t do that, but I can try the door or bust out a window. Well, when I get into the buildings me and my friends (we did a buddy system for “safety reasons”) would look around in the building. We only went to the first floor since the integrity of the other usually you could look up and see holes in the floors above. Anyway, in there, we would see altars, with sacrifices of animals, symbols, drugs and my friend found a pretty necklace embedded in a wall. She took it, I wasn’t going to take it… it looked like it was made of gold and no one was just going to leave it in a corner like that. Later on, I saw people at night in there with robes on. I lived down the street from it so if I’m outside I can see through the windows.

Being a dumb kid, I decided to go explore and see if they left any more jewelry the next day. Me and my friends returned. Nothing looked out of the ordinary. But I heard footsteps over our heads. I told everyone to run. We then heard the footsteps running. Whoever was upstairs was after us. We made it out and I never went into an abandoned building ever again. I finally moved off that street when I was a teenager.

I believe in a lot of things from all the things I saw there. Since people were poor and drugs were rampant people would sell themselves, no one “saw anything” attitude and all the abandoned buildings. If I wanted to do occult things, I’d do it there.