Has Anyone Had A Paranormal Experience?


Someone shared a story on this board before the change to this system.

They would dream of a man and he would terrorize them growing up. When they moved out and their grandmother or mother I forget which stayed in the room, they had that dream.

I don’t know if it’s created by the original dreamer or it was indeed an actual entity.


Wow! You literally grazed death there. I can’t explain magic in a solid scientific way but I theorize that magic is an alteration of energy either negative or positive. And these occult stuff that consists of hair, blood, spit (DNA!) dead animals, dead people anything dead is actually very negative. ( maybe not all dna consisting magic but come on why would you give your dna to something you least know? We even get paranoid to give our dna to the government) And people who are doing these things are not right on their freaking minds!


Sorry, who is Zozo?


Zozo is an Ouija board demon. That’s the name it claims at least.


wait what?


she quoted my old Man In The Box post.


What’s happening I read some comments here about Zozo demon I can’t find it now was I dreaming? :anguished:


Zozo is an Ouija board demon. That’s the name it claims at least.


Is that all that is known?


I was meditating one time and I heard the word “Yukon” I looked it up and it’s a location in Russia O.O.


Ive heard footsteps in my attic when no ones upthere


I’ve seen outlining of legs dangling from my bedroom window.


woah I saw a mask in window once


Google it for the long explanation… it could be one demon or several demons.




freaky too




I was sleeping one time and I saw hell…literally and all of a sudden I felt being pushed towards the gateways to hell I saw stone tablets like HUGE and with images of animals like a water buffalo and demonic looking things.


Do tell? I’ve heard about things like that on youtube. How’d you end up in “hell”? How long were you there?


I don’t know, it was right after my spiritual awakening and like it was dark and seeing demons in my grans house like in my old room when demons were crawling all over my walk in closet and outside my bedroom after sleeping in my room after getting a different room to sleep in.