Has Anyone Had A Paranormal Experience?


I’m a psychic medium


Oh… I like how you just threw that in at the end :smiley:
So what makes you believe you saw “hell”? Demons walk the earth.


the colors that surrounding was blood red and the smell was awful. To top it all, I saw monsters like I don’t remember their appearance but their voices shook the sh*t outta me. :cry:


What did the monsters look like, animals? I’m trying to get an understanding of what it is you saw? Did the awful smell smell like anything you can identify like rotten eggs or anything?


as I said this was years ago i only saw the minotaur in the form of a water buffalo but the rest were names Rain, Rayne, Gail, Galoid, Terrainia, and a few others (I’m going based on memory here so I’m sorry, :frowning:)


Perhaps you spiritually traveled underground base of reptilians and insectoids? That where our ancestors defined as ‘hell’ and those creatures as ‘demons’


Never heard of that but I guess…


People tell the same things as you, about those places. Look it up


Ok thanks.


Never heard of that… I heard of the Reptilians… I am familiar with Mr. Icke.


That’s, cool. Thanks for sharing what you remembered!


No problem.


Well, did you hear that Mr. Icke is a reptilian himself? Many people who joined his con has seen his face warp horrificly and he actually mocked them, belittled them. Also he didn’t wanted any cameras recording him that day?


Nope never heard of it.

He did say that some of the half-reptilians don’t know they were.

It’s plausible. IDK if I subscribe to his school of thought.


Don’t subscribe to him just look it up on google david ıcke is reptilian things show up, people who has seen him swears they did see his face change many times also many says that he is ‘revealing’ these info to invoke fear because in all of his books there is never a ‘solution’ only the fear increasing things about these beings. And he keeps saying same things on repeat, and doesn’t say where his ‘knowledge’ comes from.


He says he channels it to him. I did a chapter of him in one of my books. He’s an interesting character. But he does give a few solutions that I’ve seen.


As a medium you should be learning how to protect yourself from negative energies/entities. Do you meditate and work with your guides and gatekeeper?


yes but what i had brought up from years ago was before i had any knowledge on this…


Such as?


changing our chakras from the stomach to the heart…

That’s one… the rest I don’t remember. I really don’t follow him. He’s an interesting figure, that’s all and every once and awhile I don’t mind hanging out in his orbit and listening to what he has to say.