Has Anyone Had A Paranormal Experience?


We had this ‘ghost’ who would lift the girl’s shirt up while they were in the bathroom
we called him Herbert the Pervert lol




Anyone else?


I couldn’t tell the language. It always sounds muffled to point where I can’t tell much but how the voices themselves sound. Occasionally, I’ll be able to hear one word somewhat clearly, which was never in English.

In our house. Apparently, these types of things happened in our old house as well.

If I could in the dream, those memories of the other senses didn’t stay with me after I woke up.

No. I considered looking into it a few times, but I never knew where to start.


My fellow feline, do you mind sharing that incident with a book I’m doing on here? Inbox me on Wattpad if you’re interested. I’m still not a pro when it comes to the new forum.


I’ve had a few experiences that I believe could possibly be paranormal, both happened when I was very young and were reported to me by my parents.
1, I had a few different imaginary friends, but one was apparently quite real to me, and spooked my parents, I was probably around 1…? I’m not sure, I never got told of any events or incidents.
2, We have a picture of my Dad’s mother in our hallway, right outside my room. My parents say that as an infant, when we went through the hall I would get happy and wave to it. The thing was though, she died years before I was born, heck I think she died before my parents met. There is no explanation for why I was comfortable around her as I did not trust easily as an infant, preferring to stay with my parents at all times.

I’ve never had any bad experiences with the paranormal I guess.


I get sleep paralysis, too. Sometimes it happens several times a night. I don’t see anything but I can feel someone watching me intensely. It seriously freaks me out!


I’ve had quite a few since I was really young. I’ve seen ghosts, but I don’t really interact with them. The only one time that I did talk to one was just before obon, kind of like the Japanese El Dia de los Muertos. (Sorry, I don’t know how to put the accent over the i.) I also had a dream about my great-grandmother a few months ago and it seemed like she was trying to tell me something, but the feeling got so heavy that I woke up.


I’ve had a few. There was this one time when I was a kid. Me in my bro shared a bed and for some reason I woke up. Suddenly it was hard to breathe and to full open my eyes. My body wouldn’t move and I saw this figure looming over use with res eyes. I remember being scared hell! All I could think was Lord don’t take him. I found the strength to throw my arm over my brother and began to prey. I shut my eyes tight and my arms flee open. A few week later my mom passed and I wonder if whatever it was took her.

I drew inspiration from that though. The thing with the red eyes is a race in my story.


A more recent time I was in the realm between sleep and awareness. My eyes were closed but it was like I could see everything in my room but instead of where my fan is next my bed, there’s this albino kid standing there with black eyes. I started to pray and it said it wanted my soul. Sometimes I wonder if it’s paranormal or if I’m just s loon lmao


i’ve had a few experiences over the years, enough to make me somewhat believe in paranormal encounters. the most vivid though was when i use to stay at my grandparents’ house. [now this example isn’t the best as it was basically a “connection” i made between a dream i had and of one my grandmother had]—

BACKGROUND INFO: i use to stay at my grandparents all the time when i was younger because my parents got divorced and, with my dad being away for work all the time, someone had to look after me

— the room that i slept in when i was over doubled as a “storage” room. meaning that, while it was mainly my room, it was used to store a few boxes of my grandparents’ junk. now, there was always a joke going around the family that there was a ghost in the house. everyone had their own stories about something that happened (sounds in the house, things moving, etc). as for myself i never really experienced anything other than what i called: The Man in the Box. i’ve always had a dark imagination. loved monsters and anything horror. well one night, i had a dream about a pretty good sized cardboard box. —

[DREAM] i was in my room with the box alone. it was quiet and dark in the room. everything was still except for the box which shook as if there was an animal inside it. i got up and opened it. i don’t remember much from the dream after i opened it; except for long arms and the body of a man that rose up from inside the box as if the box had no bottom.

—; afterwards it would become increasingly common for me to wake up in the night and see the outline of a man standing in my room (which i put off as shadows or just outlines of my clothes or things in the room since it’s also common for me to scare myself). tbh i just put the whole thing off and didn’t really think about it since i experienced nothing other than that dream and the shadows.

it wasn’t ‘till about a couple years later that my grandma called and told me about how she had just had the worse nightmare of her life (by this time i didn’t live with them anymore). she said my grandpa’s snoring was getting real bad and she had had enough of it and went to sleep in my old room. that night my grandma said she dreamt of a tall man holding her down in my room trying to strangle her and apparently she was making so much noise in her sleep, that she woke up my grandpa who was down the hall and had a room between them. that dream scared her so bad she has refused to sleep in that room since.

we still joke about a ghost in the house and sometimes i’ll still see the outline of a tall man in the corner of my eye when i visit. i doubt this is a real “paranormal experience” but i still find it to be a good story/inspiration. i mean if it was really something, why didn’t it do anything to me? or scare me the way it did my grandmother?

anyway that’s my experience…well…one of them.


Minds sharing this for a book i’m working on? I’ll dedicate the chapter to you. Inbox me for details.




So I’m kind of obsessed with ghosts and ghost hunters and all that kind of stuff, and I absolutely love going to haunted houses and touring and just getting uncomfortable, you know? I’m kind of a wuss until it comes to ghost shit. Then I’m all ON THAT. But I never had any sort of “paranormal experience,” per se, until about three years ago.

I got the wonderful opportunity to go ghost hunting on a haunted plantation with some professional ghost hunters. Everything was fine all night until about 2:00 a.m. when we went to one of the bedrooms in the plantation and set up a whole seance. We made contact with the owner in the house and talked to him and shit, and then one of the ghost hunters asked him a question that he apparently didn’t like, because I immediately fainted. I’ve never fainted before that day or since then. But I just fell out on the floor.

Went back the next year, though. Lots of fun for the whole family.


I’m not sure if you could count these as paranormal experience but I have had a lot of freaky sleep paralysis experiences. The first ones I had there was an actual grim reaper in my room and ghosts or what looked like trapped spirits screaming in my face with black eyes. Other times there is someone in the room with me watching me or holding me down. I’ve also had the shadows or people (what do you call them?) in my room speak to me.


While caring for an elderly relative who had what I called ‘night crazies’, I was awakened for about the fourth time one night. I went downstairs to his bedroom where he was carrying on like the girl in The Exorcist. This was the umpteenth time this had happened, I hadn’t slept a night through in months, and I was ready to strangle him. As I walked into his bedroom I saw a zitzing wavering blue outline over his bed and I was instantly knocked out of the room, actually lifted off my feet and thrown against the wall in the hall where I could no longer see in. It felt like a huge electrical shock. Oddly, I was not frightened. I leaned against the wall, breathing hard, getting my equilibrium back. After about a minute, without looking into the room, I asked, “You okay in there?” He answered back in a very calm voice that he was and I crept away and went back upstairs and back to sleep.

He was my grandfather and often claimed spirits came to see him at night, especially my deceased grandmother. I figured whoever it was had calmed him down and, overtired myself, I fell right back to sleep. He was very calm and quiet after that for a couple weeks. Eventually he got wild again at night and I’d call out, “Hey you, spirit! Come on back. He needs you.”

I never particularly believed in the paranormal or supernatural before that, but I am totally sure, beyond any doubt, there was something in that room that night.


I’ve had countless paranormal experiences. The most memorable was a house we lived in that had poltergeist activity. One night I went into my kitchen to make a cup of coffee, left, returned five minutes later and all my tea towels had gotten themselves OUT of the drawers and were laid neatly end to end across the work tops. The kitchen had a stone floor, and one night my husband and I heard the chairs scraping around. He thought we had burglars…but no, everything locked and barred, house empty. He came back to bed and it started up again. Night after night after night, those chairs scraping very slowly around the kitchen on their own.

Lightbulbs in the same kitchen would be found from an eight foot drop intact on the stone floor. Jewellery went missing only to turn up wrapped in bedding in the airing cupboard or in different locations. We had a merry old time with it.

I’ve been in medium development for years and learned a lot about how spirit activity works. I’ve experienced the good, the bad and the very ugly. But I’d still rather face a house full of ghostly nasties than a real life psycho.


A spirit has to be very strong to do that, drawing its energy from surrounding sources. That’s why rooms go cold or electrical equipment goes haywire and batteries get drained.


I’ve been to many of these. They were part and parcel of my developmental experience. Spirit can and do zap you, or feed off your energy, particularly if you’re afraid. You might notice that certain people always get targeted by spirit at ghost hunts. They’re usually the most vulnerable and afraid. It’s a like chink in the spiritual armour and naughty spirits will see that and go for it. But you always have to remember that mostly, these are just people, like you and I. They can be nice, sweet, rude, and downright nasty.

One of the most poignant ghost hunts I went on was at the Morecambe Winter Gardens in the UK where I live. It’s an old music hall theatre. Beneath the stage was full of spirit children trapped there by this one dominant entity… We sat around a table in the total darkness and these poor kids came forwards and you could feel them put their little arms around you. So, we decided to do a spirit rescue and move them on into the light. Then this guy comes forwards, the dominant one who was keeping them all there, and that table banged and banged as he let us know how pissed he was with what we were doing. He was really angry. But we were like…you can go f…k yourself, these kids are going where you can’t control them anymore. We moved most of them on. Some stayed. At the end of the day, we all have free will and nothing interferes with that.

We later learned that there had indeed been kids used as little slavey’s beneath the stage a hundred years ago or so and that the overseer had been cruel to them.

I’ve seen people be sick and have nosebleeds when the activity is really high or they get targeted. It’s all energetic.


That’s absolutely crazy. Yeah, my experience at this plantation was something I’ll never forget. I felt insane for loving it, but that’s the tea, I guess. I want to go on another really bad. I’ve been spirit-starved for a while now.