Has Anyone Had A Paranormal Experience?


yes I have had a paranormal experience. It was sleep paralysis and the scariest thing that ever happened to me…


What did the shadow people say to you?


Does anyone else in your family have ghost visit them?


Oh the poor ghost children.


I definitely missed this party.


I haven’t had ghost encounters, but I have lots of weird dreams when I’m in the halfway place between wakefulness and sleep. Often they’ll just be a series of images. Some are nonsense, but a lot of them come true. (For example, I had one of these dreams when I was walking through a lab and on each desk there was an upside down burette, and then a few months later I started uni and in our first lab we did titrations. It was weird because not only were the burettes left to dry upside down, but the way you entered the lab was the same as how I’d been moving in my dream)


Sometimes I hear the voice of a woman chanting in my ear, but I like to think it’s Freyja so I don’t get that scared lmao


Bish, I live in a country that still has old believe and I experience this myself. Even as a logical person, I can’t deny the possibility of paranormal activities because I WENT THROUGH THIS.
I once camped at Alas Purwo with my school (Yes, the place exist. Go google that out). Someone got possessed that time. It would be fine if it was one person, but this was MASS POSSESSED (I did not get possess luckily).
One of my male classmate resisted to get possessed and it took my friend help to stop himself from twisting his own neck and his eyeball already went white.
Even after returned at home, apparently whatever that creatures were, it still followed us because some girls get possessed again during flag ceremony.
Indonesia has thick paranormal root in the country and I think some people in here still practice dark art.


Wow! That sounds like spiritual attachment. Your classmates and friends should see a holy person to perform a cleansing or blessing.

Why did you guys go to Alas Purwo in the first place if it’s known to be haunted?


Freyja = cat?

What does the voice say?


I’ve witnessed a few things in my life, but one of the more interesting apparitions was the one I saw on a cruise ship.

Hubby and I had decided to take a cruise, on board the Ruby Princess, for our 20th anniversary. On our first night, I woke up when my husband flushed the noisy toilet.

At the end of the bed, on hubby’s side, I saw this dark figure that appeared to be hunched over. At first, I thought it was my husband, but then my husband came out of the bathroom and walked by the foot of the bed.

When he reached the dark figure, the ‘being’ tilted its head and looked at me, flashing a skull-like face, as it floated up in the air over the bed before disappearing.

Hubby told me later that he saw movement, but couldn’t see what it was. Thankfully that was the only weird night we had while on the cruise. :smirk:


It sounds like when you don’t know the lyrics of a song but still wanna sing it or like a very sweet humming…

  • Freyja (or Freya) is a norse goddess associated with love, sex, beauty, fertility, war, and death.


The lights in my bathroom turn on and off like a normal switch, but after a while the lights can suddenly go out, kind of like a spooky power outage that killer uses to kill people with.


Wow… so it was exactly like the dream or did you remember all the details?


Uh uh it could be a short. I had one of those. An electrician fixed it and no more weird light issues. What makes that paranormal?


Oh okay that Freya. But why would she (or any deity) whisper in your (or anyone’s) ear? I’m sort of leery of any disembodied voices. I know in the movies the voices are telling folks to do bad things.


Never mind.


Sorry, if I offended you, but it’s always something there that separates the paranormal from the mundane. I remember when my dog would get petted by a ghost. He would roll on his belly and do the whole “shabang” when I pet him. But what made me know it was a ghost… I would smell this perfume. I don’t know how to describe it since I didn’t own the scent and it’s not like a fruit or a flower I’ve ever smelled.


That’s a paranormal experience alright.


Of course they all see holy person immediatelly. :joy:
It was a huge case of spiritual attachment after all. One of my classmate had to return there just to cut the attachment as part of ritual.
We went there because we got some biology experiment and research in there. I also blamed my school because there were a lot of incident in there and they just had to pick that place. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
At least our junior in high school would not go there.
It was a beautiful yet haunting place, I even saw a firefly for the first time in that forest. However, I won’t reccomend anyone to go there. That place gives me more creep than a hospital in the night.