Has Anyone Had A Paranormal Experience?


Why is that place so haunted? Did something happen there?


oh i had 3 paranormal incidence that happened to me and scared me to death


I don’t even want to open google to see why it is so haunted. Please forgive my coward characteristic :joy:
But based on what I collected in that place so far, it is indeed a place for unsee creatures (spirit, ghost or what we called ‘wong samar’ in here) that have been stayed in there for long time. The location was surrounded by forest and it is near open south sea. Strange enough, the south sea is closely related to the myth of Nyi Roro Kidul, the governor of South Sea.
I guess Alas Purwo is their home and human disturb them. It has been known as haunted place since long time ago after all.


Do tell :slight_smile:


I have a couple. The first was when I was 12, I had a very bad chest infection that put me out of school for a month. None of the antibiotics they gave me worked and I couldn’t move without coughing and had no energy. One evening I was at my granddad’s house with my parents. He lived alone as my nan had passed away a few years earlier. They were in the kitchen and I’d taken myself off to the living room so I could get some quiet, I was sat on the sofa my nan died on, in the same room. I saw a shadowy figure walk from one side of the room to the other and nobody will ever convince me I didn’t see my nan’s ghost. For a while I wondered if it could have been all the drugs I was on but I had no other hallucinations at all while I was sick. Also my granddad lived in the countryside, so it wasn’t a shadow from outside or anthing.

A few months later I was walking my dog at home along a narrow road with no pavement. Being a dumb 12 year old I had my headphones in and I had them loud. For no reason at all I looked up in time to see a car, one of those quiet diesel ones, come veering round the corner in time for me to grab my dog and press us both into the hedgerow. If I hadn’t looked up we both would have been hit as I was right near the corner. Maybe it was just instinct alerting me to danger, but as I walked away a white feather came floating down from the trees and pretty much landed in my hand. It was winter so the trees were bare and I couldn’t see any birds in them, but my mum has believed in guardian angels since a similar thing happened to her.

Those are the two major incidents but there’s been a couple of others. After my granddad died and the house was left empty and almost derelict, my uncle was in the living room, ie ghost room, packing some boxes when a picture randomly fell off the wall. Could have been a loose nail, sure, but it was in the ghost room. Also I work in an old pub and when I’m closing alone I always feel like I’m being watched, though that might just be my paranoia. There’s also a weird feeling I get in some buildings but not others that I can’t explain.

I’m not especially religious but I do believe in an afterlife of some description. Sorry this was a bit long, I don’t tell many people because they don’t believe me, but they haven’t experienced it like I have.


Something tragic could’ve happened way back when…

Some places where there were human sacrifices have many demons and evil spirits and or infested with snakes.

It’s okay to be afraid. Fear is healthy for us. It lets us know to practice caution.


The dreams are kinda of like snapshots or a series of related images, and each one of them turned up in real life later on


Don’t be sorry, I appreciated the fact you shared your story. What happened to your grandparent’s home in the country?


How often do you experience deja vu? I get moments like this, but I don’t write them down. It feels rather frequent, but I guess it’s not frequent as in everyday, but like every so often a year kind of deal.


Strangely enough, I don’t have deja vu very often. I’ve had it once or twice, but the dreams are more frequent. Maybe I’m just weird!


How frequent are the dreams?


Like one every several months, or a couple in a row and then none for a while


My family cleared it out and deep cleaned the whole thing as my granddad hadn’t lived there in a while, then we sold it. I didn’t go back after he died as my mental health was bad and I couldn’t do it, though I’d love to know if the new people have seen anything freaky there.


Spirits come and go. Some of them could be just passing through. But you never know… your grandparents could very well still be “living” there.


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one of them happened to me on a visit to my moms family side they all live in a neighborhood next to each other and i was only 11 when it happened.
sinhala legends states that the tamarind tree is a ghost filled mansion and muslim myths states not to be out in open during the magrib azaan.
and in this neighborhood there is a tamarind tree and near it is a well there are some coconuts trees as well.
that faithful day was my time of the month when the magrib azaan was telling i was out and was rushing to my aunts house but a eerily feeling made me stop when i was near that damn tree.
i looked at it and saw something sinister i don’t remember what i saw now but i do remember feeling scared out of my wit .
my whole body was paralyzed i can’t move.
my aunt broke the trance by screaming reciting duas and motioning me to come in .
i ran screaming and crying.
i was trembling so hard it was my first paranormal scare i was told that i got paralize by the devil.
and later i found out that the same thing happened to one of my aunt when she was in her teens and she was also in her time of the month.
we were paralized in the same time and the same place close the same damn tree.
we were both in our time of the month as well.
i was lucky i was in the devils trance for only a half hour.
while no one found my aunt till next morning.
others said that when they found her she was standing at the same spot as i
and her face is pale as sheets.
her eyes are wide with fear.
they tried calling her name but she didn’t reply she was completely frozen
they recited duas and broke the trance.
it was a scary experience i mean my aunt experienced it 23 years before i did isn’t that creepy?
it took them 3 years to cut down that damn tree.

so wanna know the other 2 tell me how would you feel if it happened to you?


Do you know if anything happened at or around the tree?




I lived in French Polynesia for a while. One day, one other girl and I had come home for lunch and were sitting downstairs in our little 2-story house. We lived with 4 other girls but they weren’t there at the time. We had just started talking when we heard somebody run across the upstairs floor. We had been upstairs and we KNEW there wasn’t anyone there, so we looked at each other terrified. I was the physically larger human so I went up and looked, but yeah, still no one there. And our house wasn’t attached to any others and had a roof that’s too slanted to run on.

In the few weeks following, we kept hearing scratching coming from cupboards but when I would open them there would be no rats or birds or geckos or even so much as a fly, nor were there any holes one of those animals could have used to escape. There was a little attic that had no ladder but we sent a camera up on the end of a broomstick and there were some random children’s possessions stuffed in there. A lot of people thought I was messing with them when I’d e-mail home and say this stuff, but I can’t even make it up. Thankfully we never felt like we were in danger (it was just kinda unnerving at first), but I got a lot more sympathy for people who talk about their paranormal experiences after that.