Has Anyone Had A Paranormal Experience?


I used to believe in the supernatural and had “paranormal” experiences all the time, but then I did some research and realized it was just my brain playing tricks on my because of my naivety, my unstable mind at the time, and how I was raised.


yea i saw something sinister but it’s unclear to me now


but it does exist you know i’m speaking from 3 damn experience and the one i mentioned above happened not only to me but my aunt as well.23 yrs before it happened me she experienced it too.


Yes. Shortly after my grandmother died, I was watching TV and there were three LOUD and CLEAR knocks on the wall. I paused the TV and yelled around the house: “Did anyone hear that?” No one heard it but me? I discovered that the “death knocks” are a shared paranormal experience after a loved one passes away.


Wow, how horrible.


My grandfather claimed to have these visits regularly but that was the only time I saw it. I lived in the house with him and there weren’t any other strange things going on. He did talk in voices during the night, which was spooky, but that was all supposed to be because he was old and nutty and those people often do it. And no one else in the family ever talked about such a thing, and I doubt they believed me when I told them what happened.


yea they might think ur nuts or something but thank god mine did belive cuz it happened 23 yrs ago with my aunt as well before the samething happened to me read above if you wish to know what.


I am not sure if this even qualifies as Paranormal but when I used to be a kid (this suddently stopped once I became around the age of 15) I would hear someone’s voice calling my name in the distance. I’d look around and there would be nobody there? One time I remember I was 10 and I was with my friend sitting on the front porch of our house and it was like 5am so nobody was on the street and we heard someone call my name and we were like uh… ??

I know a lot of people on reddit have experienced the same thing lol so I ain’t special.


It doesn’t, but you can believe whatever you want.


That’s terrifying. Most people probably would have to see something like that, experience it, to believe it. I don’t doubt anything supernatural after my experience. But it wasn’t frightening. The spirit was there for my grandfather and comforted him, so it was good. If it had been something evil and come after me, I would have run away screaming. :slight_smile:


or be paralized like me and my aunt trust me at times you can’t more ur mind is screaming at you to run but ur paralized and keep staring


lmao, my passed away great great grandma talked how her death friend keep coming at the night.
Not sure if it’s elder mind or real. She was 99 years old that time.


What happened to you if you don’t mind me asking?


I had that happen as a child. My grandmother lived in an apartment building. The man next door was an old grumpy man and every time it got dark, he would knock on the wall to turn the television down.

When he died and his apartment was empty, we would still hear those knocks. It didn’t scare us at first then we would remember he was dead and well… we still turned the television down… no need to provoke the dead… you know what I saying :wink:


I had an uncle have something similar happen. His mother had died a year before and (he was a kid btw when this happened) he heard his mother’s voice call him by his pet name only she would call him. His other brother’s and sister’s didn’t hear it.

So he followed the voice until he reached the upstairs bed room. He heard his “mother” say, “In here”.

He turned the door knob but became so afraid that he ran to his big sister for comfort.

That has stayed with him. He’s dead now… he lived to be an old man of 78. So you can imagine how that must have frightened him… he remembered it like it was 70+ years ago.


That is interesting! For me it wasn’t someone’s voice that I recognized sometimes it would be a man sometimes it would be a woman. It changed all the time. I am sorry for your loss, my condolences.


That’s normal. I remember reading a story about a person who was taking care of their elderly mother. When she checked in on her mother one night, she saw that she was talking with her “dead sister” and her “dead father”. They all looked at the person and smiled. They weren’t frightened. The ghost then passed away.

Later the person saw their dead father sitting in his favorite chair. The person asked their father why was he there. Her father answered that he was there for her mother. Later the mother’s sister told the person that the afterlife was a nice place where everyone could be together… something on the lines of that.

It was a sweet story. The mother did pass away shortly after that. The person felt at ease since they knew their parents were together and their mother didn’t have to suffer any longer.


Thank you, that uncle passed when I was about ten years old. He had a good life though.

I’m just curious what was calling you. I mean wow… it was sometimes a man or woman.


I saw “many” things, multiple times a week :joy: It was just my brain tricking me.


What are the things? I mean I’ve hallucinated when I didn’t sleep for over a month. Whatever it was you still remember it.