Has Anyone Had A Paranormal Experience?


Meow? Anyone out there?


I thought I saw ghosts and demons for years as a child, but that was based on a religious upbringing that truly believed in supernatural beings that were always present in our world, so it was “normal” to see things.


when i was really little we lived in a house that was over 100 years old. (My house was across the road to a house that was one of the first houses built in the town and was next to the cemetery) . I always slept with a night light on because i always felt like someone was in my room, or standing by the door watching me sleep. My older brother always had crazy nightmares when we lived in that house. He kept the mirror in his room covered with a blanket. He said he woke up from nightmares and saw someone in the mirror staring back at him on the edge of his bed. He then later told me, once we got a little older, that one time he was walking past the stairs of the house and saw a man standing in front of my bedroom door looking in.


I don’t write “Paranormal” specifically (yet) but I have had a rather unsettling experience which I initially blamed on a new sleep medication I was taking. I “woke up” to the sound of the phone ringing and tried to get up and answer it, but I couldn’t move at all. It switched over to voicemail, but all I heard was static and this horrible ringing in my ears, then a dog running up the stairs. We don’t have a dog.

Then it got extremely cold, and this big dog that looked like a German Shepherd jumped up on my bed, pinned me down, and stared at me smiling for what felt like eternity. When I came to, there was a voice message on the phone. I didn’t dare listen to it.

That dog-demon thing is now an antagonist in one of my stories. He is the only thing in that story that frightens or disgusts every single reader no matter what. What most people don’t know is that he’s real in my nightmares.


Wow! I had a friend live near a cemetery… basically, I had to walk by the tombstones to get to her front steps. She said it was very quiet when she lived there. There’s no way on Earth I’d live close to a cemetery. I know the neighbors are said to be quiet, but heck if one of them gets angry… they raise hell :wink:

Okay what happened there was just scary. I hope you guys didn’t live there that long because I don’t know how well you guys will get some good sleep. Did you guys ever figure out who some of the ghost were…


Did the dog come back?? Did you delete the voicemail or have someone else listen to it? Paranormal or not, that’s scary AF!!


I lived there for 10 years. Never looked Into who it could have been. I figure it was probably someone who lived in the house when it was built way back then.


I was staying in a relative’s cottage on the moors in the middle of nowhere so no cars going by, no street light, no external light sources. I woke up in the middle of the night just totally 100% awake for no reason and this light was floating really slowly through the room. It travelled from the door to the window (again, no external light sources), then vanished.

Wasn’t scary, wasn’t strange, just was something that happened. Then, I needed to pee, lol.


Did you get out of bed and pee or hold it till day time?

I’d probably have wet the bed out of fear.


Hah! I got out of bed. I wasn’t scared, it was just strange.


Closest I’ve had:

I was in my early teens. My best friend and I were on the Oregon coast camping with my family near an old Civil/WWII military fort. Just all concrete skeletons now days, but it was our favorite hangout during the daylight hours. Then we decided to stay there after dark. We climbed up onto the top of one of the watchtowers and waited for the last stragglers to finally leave. This was right as dusk turned over to full dark. Almost immediately, I felt sick to my stomach in a way I can’t really describe. I wasn’t going to say anything, but my friend looked at me and said, “Something’s wrong.” We both decided that would be a good time to get gone. As soon as our feet were on the ground, he said, “I think I’m going to puke.”

Unfortunately, that’s it for my encounter. An inexplicable feeling of wrongness that manifested as nausea. Months later we found a book of haunted places in all fifty states, and this place was on the list, but we didn’t know that going in.

We also never went back after dark.


That’s a very good idea. So what is the name of the place. I’m doing a chapter on places you could visit that you don’t want to go cause the ghosts aren’t friendly.


It’s called Fort Stevens State Park, but specifically we were at Battery Russell, which is in the woods between the main fort and the beach. Nothing bad ever happened there as far as I’ve been able to tell, so I don’t know why there was such malevolence in the air that night. But nobody will ever be able to convince me otherwise, that’s for sure.


Anyone else have anything happen? I’m all ears :slight_smile:


Funny enough, when we were camping at other places, I went to the toilet at 3 PM.
The next day everyone applaused my bravery :joy:


Dude, I have had a few and I’m gonna share some that aren’t even mine cuz my family’s from Mexico and urban legends is kinda our thing.

So a friend of the family said he was going out with his family one night and they were all in the car ready to go. He remembered he’d forgotten his coat on the chair so he went inside to get it and the lights were all off by this time. So he went to the kitchen and there was a man sitting on the chair where the coat was at but he had a dog’s head. So he asked “what are you doing here,” of course scared shitless. The guy just stood up and dissapeared into the wall.

Another one that’s not so scary, but it’s weird. My grandad’s younger brother was in his 20s and he was working in the fields at night. He had to come walking all the way home and he said he saw about 3 naked woman dancing around with really messy hair and their bodies were glowingn not from a light reflection, they were actually glowing like a glow stick. They called him over and were like trying to seduce him or something but he ran away cuz they were witches or something.

One of my friends from Mexico actually told me this one. It was like a graduation dance and everyone who had graduated and other people from town were there. So this girl was asked to dance by this really good looking guy, like really good looking. She obviously said yes and they were dancing the night away, when all of a sudden the salon was filled with an awful scream. Everyone looked and in the center of the dance floor the girl was burning and in les than a few seconds, the fire was gone and so was the girl. People say she danced with the d**** and he danced her to hell.


The girl who danced with the devil story feels like an urban legend. The devil has way more important things to do than go to a school dance.

As for the dog head guy, well that is scary. Do you know the name of that creature? I know there is such a legend about a dog headed tribe of people.

Hehehehe glowing dancing naked ladies…

I’d run away from anyone glowing. Glowing folks tend to be harbingers of death.

So what happened to you? These are other people’s stories.


I’m pretty convinced that my grandparents used to come and visit my house after they died. There was a point where I was practicing the piano, playing “Nearer My God to Thee”, and the lights began to flicker, and I felt like someone was standing at the top of the staircase that was right behind the piano, watching me. I felt that every time I practiced religious songs after that. I’m pretty sure that was my Grandma Lafarne. Her husband Major used to come around, too, but only when I played “Red River Valley”, and I’d always felt him sitting on the couch that was next to the piano.


I believe in goats.

Ghosts, not so much.

I’ve heard voices, out on the ocean, when I haven’t spoken or heard words (except a few minutes a day of marine-band radio comms) in a few weeks. The experience seems paranormal as hell, but checking on it? That’s actually what happens to pretty much everybody when they’re alone for a few weeks.

I’ve had conversations with hallucinations - including the ghost of my father. But I was grieving, sick, and short of sleep, and this sort of hallucination/dreaming thing happens to people whose mind is in that state, in such need of resolution. The short version of the story is that I was dreaming at the time.

The thing about every “paranormal” experience I’ve had, is that however convincing they were to me at the time, I actually can find explanations for them all that don’t require magic. Some of the explanations would reveal that humans subconsciously perceive more, and subconsciously have more insight into other people, than we are normally credited with. Some of them would reveal that social contact with other people helps us stay sane and has other, more unexpected beneficial effects. Some of them would reveal that our brains are just plain funny and occasionally malfunction - mostly in ways that are predictable and known to many psychologists.

So I read the literature, and I usually find out that the ‘revealed’ thing or some version of it is true. When I don’t, I just wait for doctors and psychologists and researchers to confirm the suspicions they raise about human capabilities and responses. And over years, I’ve seen a whole lot of those suspected capabilities confirmed by research.

They finally found out what ‘blindsight’ is, for example. We actually have about a dozen areas in the brain that handle visual information, but only one (the Primary Visual Cortex) that we’re aware of. The rest are highly specialized: They search for faces (that feeling that somene’s looking at you) and what expressions are on those faces, and the locations of animals, and etc. And when the primary visual cortex is damaged or its information is cut off, usually some or all of those secondary cortices keep working.

So while I’ve had experiences that baffled me at the time or made me understand why people believe in the paranormal, I haven’t encountered a darn thing that would reveal humans able to perceive or affect things or people using any forces not known to physics.


So why believe in goats?

But what is a ghost? How would you define it?

Honestly, I’m with you 100%. I don’t jump on the “it’s a ghost” bandwagon when something out of the ordinary happens. I feel it’s healthy to have a healthy dose of skepticism. I mean if people didn’t then, we’d be back in a time when there were “gods” in the trees, the air pushing it along and a demon in the stones because we trip on stones.