Has Anyone Had Good Match.com Experience (18+)


Hey has anyone had good Match.com experiences? Just curious. Wondering if it has worked out for anyone.


I don’t believe in online dating because creepy people are on it… so I’m no help at all… sorry and yeah, this was a waste of a comment… xD


No not a waste of a comment. An honest comment actually.


I tried a couple of online dating sites, Match being one of them, but I found they weren’t for me. I’m too shy and need a comfort zone before I can date someone and that usually only comes by being friends. Most guys wanted to meet within the first message (and that’s if they even responded to me in the first place) and I just wasn’t that comfortable. I went on a couple dates but it was just awkward as hell.

That being said, I have a couple friends who met and were married to someone they met on a dating website. So I say it’s worth trying at least for a month or two because you just never know.

However, you do have to be very careful. I got so many god damn dick picks sent to me it’s not even funny. Match and Eharmony were better about blocking them then the free one was, but guys still found a way to take a picture of their crotch like it’s somehow sexy :face_vomiting: And I did get a couple of very creepy messages. So it’s a proceed with caution and if you do meet anyone make sure it’s in a very public place and people know you’re going. When it comes to online dating it’s better to be too cautious. Creeps come in all shapes, sizes, and sexes.


Yeah it’s always good to be careful. Also that’s horrible abou the dick pics.


One of these days I’d just like to ask them if that ever actually works. Does a girl or even a guy for that matter ever go “Gee, I’m so glad this random person on the internet sent me a picture of his penis. I’m totally going to bone him now.”


:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: What are they thinking?


I got one of these pics and replied, “Are you trying to show off your brain here? It looks stunted. I need more intelligence than that.”

Needless to say–didn’t hear back from that one. hahaha.


There was one story I read, and I don’t know if it was real or an urban myth type of story. But it was about this girl who got a random picture on facebook. So she in turn googled a bunch of pics and sent them back to him asking him why his didn’t look like that. It was great and even if it turns out it was fake, it’s still an amazing story.




That’s exactly why I don’t think it’s good to use online dating.

My older sister tried Craigslist as a joke, and within literally 24 hours, she got over 60 replies. Just about all of them were of penis pictures, even though on the advertisement, she said a picture of their FACE.

Some of them were kind of creepy. Most of them were mainly looking for a one-night stand. And about 40% of them were older men, and I’m talking about 40-60 years old. At the time, my sister was 23… The majority of those older men? They said they were MARRIED.

To be honest, I think if someone really wants to find a relationship, then it might be best to do it the old fashioned way: interacting with humans offline. This way, it doesn’t seem creepy and it’s less explicit.


Well to be fair Craigslist isn’t a dating site and should never have been used as one. That one is extremely dangerous. At least Match and Eharmony try to weed out the creeps so it’s not quite as bad as the free ones.


My aunt met her longtime boyfriend through there! They’ve now bought a little house in the country and live there, together.

I think that was the site my sister found her fiance too. Or something similar to match. com


Haha, true. Craigstlist shouldn’t be used as anything anyway. xD The entire website is sketchy…


I want to try online dating, but I find it so awkward? Do you all find that apps are maybe better than websites, or the opposite?


I’ve never tried match, but I’ve tried other online dating sites with mixed results. Basically what I’ve learned is that people are still people, whether online or in-person. Yes, online dating gives you the chance to meet more people, but it also has the barrier of technology between you. I’m not married or dating anyone, so it obviously hasn’t worked for me, but I’ve only been trying it for about six months. We’ll see what happens, but I’m not holding out hope haha. It just requires a certain intentionality (and a measure of personal safety).


I never used the apps so can’t say, but I will say it’s safer to do the paid ones. The free ones had…less savory clientele. At least as far as the women seeking men aspect. Can’t speak for the other sides of dating.


Pssh i tried it about a year ago? Or two idk

Mind you im a guy and looking at a picture of an anime girl

Alot of people would misunderstanding and i had those problems :joy::joy::joy: like dude
I don’t need to see your thing
Im a guy

And some people would suddenly turn gay and went
“send me your dick pic since i sent you mind”

.3.)/ boi…no
Im straight as hell and i aint ever going to take a picture of my thing and send it to anyone much less a guy x"D

But online dating sites is like this place where people who are energetic or open or outgoing? Idk what’s the word but those types of people gather and make friends and just find good match while the shy type gets drowned out

Im one of those shy type even if im talking alot right now and seem pretty out there…

It’s because I’ve been on wattpad for couple years now xD and i like it here and i got used to this website and its users


But honestly just let what happens happen

Im now dating one of my online besties and it has been absolutely amazing xD she’s planning to fly to my country next year

Who knows what would happen but dayum