Has anyone heard of Ringdom?

I got a message on another platform from someone claiming to be a representative of something called Ringdom. He said he wanted to invite me to that platform and that I would be paid for one of my stories there. I really can’t tell if it’s legit or not because I was given an email address to contact him, and he named the story that he thought was worth sharing instead of just saying something vague like, “I read your stories and they seem very interesting!”

Anyways, does anyone know if Ringdom is a thing? And should I email this person or no?

If anyone messages you on Wattpad claiming to be a representative looking for your book, RUN AWAY! It’s 99% certain a scam. Even if it isn’t, it’s against Wattpad ToC to poach writers in PMs, so chances are nothing good will come out of it.

Report and continue running away.

EDITING to add:
I now realize this is not on Wattpad, but I googled them, and they’re by the same company that created all those Xnovel, Rnovel, and other novel apps that are poaching writers. Do NOT go to them. They do exist, but their contracts are a writer’s nightmare.


It wasn’t on Wattpad, it was on Booksie. I was just wondering if anyone here knew of a Ringdom. Turns out it’s Reading Kingdom (Ringdom for short)



No publishers or agents will reach out to you over Wattpad DM’s. Anyone who tries coercing you into joining their website is also not allowed and against Wattpad’s guidelines. Always report and ignore!


Oh, whoops, read right over the ‘other platform’ part with the scammers that are flooding Wattpad. My bad.

Either way, they sound extremely similar to the scammers here. I’d still be wary, especially if they sent a super generic message with only your name and book title custom.


lol I did too!! My bad

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A quick way to find out if it’s truly a scam… ask them what they enjoyed about your story LOLOL


Yeah I got one of the Webnovel scams yesterday lol

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That’s a good point…


Ringdom is by STARY. That’s the scammers flooding Wattpad. They exist, but their contracts are horrendous for writers. It’s time to start running like the wind.


Definitely scam. Report the profile to Support. You can read more for more information: Spam and Recruiting via Private Messages on Wattpad



No lie one of those messaged my awards account (literally only has an awards book) and i was like “o really? What did you enjoy about my story?” And I haven’t gotten another message since :joy::joy::joy: