Has anyone heard of Rnovel?

I received a message on Wattpad from someone saying they are representing a new reading platform called Rnovel and are interesting in collaborating with me. Has anyone heard of them? I didn’t respond to them yet because I wanted to look into them first to make sure they’re legit. When I looked them up online and on the App Store (they said this platform has also an app), I couldn’t find anything. They also asked for my email address. Is this something that publishers normally ask for? Are there any red flags I should be worried about? I’m new to writing on Wattpad and have never had this happen before so any and all responses would be greatly appreciated! :blush:

Spammy spam spam spam spam


And when it closes your report like you’re the spam send the username to an ambassador

Xnovel is also spam


I got a message about Xnovel; I think they’re both scams.
You can check out the thread I created here:

(it has lots of helpful answers)


@Rosebud_Fields You can read this post for more information:

Here’s the standard procedure:

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Hi folks,

I’ve just posted some more information on spam and how to combat it here,

thanks, Gav


Mine was Rnovel from Cecily299

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@MearaCFayak For more information, you can read this post here: Spam and Recruiting via Private Messages on Wattpad


i got the same message and thought it was really fishy. i went back on the message this morning and it said i couldnt send a message back and when i went off the message it deleted from my inbox

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@Winterwritesstuff Maybe the profile was closed down by Wattpad HQ? :thinking:

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Just got something like this… Almost sent my email actually but decided to research on it: and yes, no app.

Really glad I bumped into this… What are they after, my account or something?


@starredfalconer Welcome to the community forums :smiley:

No, they don’t want your account, just your stories. You can read more here:

There’s more information here: Spam and Recruiting via Private Messages on Wattpad

Yeah! I got one too but this person has send me their email and how I can reach out to them.

What should I do? Should I text them through emails? Please help me!

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Shit. Yes, I got one for my book Reservation. From CarrieWong1. I replied back. I’m an artist offline and the way this lady spoke to me looked professional enough to what I considered legit as she spoke in the same way you would to a cilent. But then again this was the first time I had something like this happen to me on the writers’ sode of things so I didn’t know. As of now I have reported and muted the account, as well as delete them from my messages. Though I’m still worried for my work.

@Najime_Kairi Welcome to the community forums :smiley:

There’s more information here: Spam and Recruiting via Private Messages on Wattpad

They are like flees on a dog lately. I got four messages from them in the past two weeks. It’s really annoying.


Yeah. Got four as well. A WP Ambassador. They must be nuts. Well, I deal with them accordingly…

Everybody - PLEASE report these accounts. They are poachers, nothing else.

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Lol, I got two over the past week. At least they’re interested in my WIP :pleading_face:

They are nothing else but spam :smiley:

Oh yeah, I’m aware lol. There used to be a different one a couple of years ago, I can’t recall the name.

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Was it Dreame?