has using clubs (both old and new) made you a better writer?


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  • yes
  • no
  • idk

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I put down idk since…well…idk lol But I like that the clubs have given me access to like minded authors and what knowledge I do have on writing can be passed on through other people asking for help. But I’m stubborn and dont often ask for help for myself except from the small group of people I know wont judge me if I’m confused by something :laughing:


Most of the time, it’s a distraction, but I did meet a lot of people who gave me good critiques.

Plus all those word wars/sprints helped me write a lot on days when I could barely write.


Yes! Definitely yes. I’ve learned a lot about writing by talking to writers. It helped me make friends who I could go to, anytime, if I was stuck or needed advice. Honestly, clubs did help me with everything I know about the writing world. Before joining the clubs, I did not know that people could self publish. I did not know the current market trends, the struggles of writers trying to get published and the general process of writing.


I’ve found a ton of valuable information in the Industry Insider club, since my goal with my writing is to one day publish.


Yes, because.

  • I gained access to useful review services
  • Talking to people here inspired and continue to inspire me to write
  • I’ve made friends who teach me and encouage me
  • I learn helpful things about the writing process just from hearing others talk about theirs.


Frankly I chose idk 'cause I just use clubs as a social thing. I could talk about my book but mostly I just use it as chatting random stuff.