Have a playlist for your stories/characters? Drop a link here!

Admit it, we all do it. Have you spent hours crafting the perfect playlist for your story or character? A custom blend of music to express yourself and your creations?

Why not drop a link here? Rate others if you want. Make sure to give a brief explanation of the story or a character so people can fully enjoy your playlist.

(Or maybe, like me, you’re using this as a clever way to enjoy new music and experience even more creativity from your favorite authors.)

I’ve wrote a short story after being inspired by this song, which now perfectly fits the story lol

The story itself is of a traveller who dreamed of roaming the world to its end. It encountered a cursed town and returned after seven days to spread word of his experience. A bard hears of his story and writes a song about it after listening to him reminiscing his experience in a tavern. Everyone was seated and focused on his words. He spent seven days in a town where the umbras whisper, and they promised him fortunes and eternal life. He was tricked into promising that he would stay for ten days to get cursed himself, only to find out how he would die. There is a background too but it’s too long.

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The whole playlist isn’t one on YouTube, but you can check it on the Playlist chapter of my story, His Angel, Her Treasure.

PS: all of them are Indian songs so…

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… This is going to be pretty long cause I make A Lot TM of playlists. I’ll be throwing mostly character ones with maybe an atmosphere list or two.

The Disappearance of Medora Izumi is a paranormal roadtrip story, in which the main character is framed for the arson of her home town and now travels with a traveling magic show.

Medora’s List

Ella’s List

Ilene’s List

Richie’s List

The Barnett Sibling Magic Show List

And more lists for the story are in-progress currently.

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Oh that is so cool!!!

I mean, obviously this was the whole reason for the thread, but this is just such a cool idea and execution. (Plus I love me some Bollywood and Indian music. :two_hearts:)

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Ohhhh my dude I saw you post your story somewhere earlier and added it to my to-read list. AND NOW I’VE GOT THE MUSIC TO GO WITH IT.

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I have a playlist for my current dark fantasy novel, Carrion Girl. It’s very jazzy as it’s set in a timeline similar to the 1920s in our world.

OWO Enjoy! I’ll have more playlists coming up once more chapters release.


In my fantasy story, Phoenix Stone some songs inspired me but it’s hard to pick, so each represents the characters or scenario.

This song gave me the idea of this story:

This energy and speed inspired me to create a dark adventure to an unknown world full of conquest, exploration, rebellion, war, and magic.

Sad moments songs:

My character, Zee have been through tough times in this unknown world. She saw the aftermath of wars, and how every people lost everything.

My other character, Ora is a nurse and try to save lives but was too late to save her parents which haunted her.

There is still more songs that I might discover later.

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Here it is then.


Ooh! I do! Just in case somebody can’t use Spotify, I have them up on YouTube!

Nevermoon: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLFnWfmzGC2xEdbT59eDXOtMfp1CgmiNj7

The Sea Kids: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLFnWfmzGC2xGInfivYa-vx81a15a28-jp

I also have other playlists for other stories but they are a work in progress. Enjoy! :slight_smile:

This is for the protagonist and antagonist.

I have other playlists on my other YouTube account: