Have any of you found success offering writing services on Fiverr?

I’m in a serious bind right now, so I made a new Fiverr account.

For those who have made good money on Fiverr and other sites like it, what was your promotion like? What about your prices?

Hi there,
I edited your post slightly and removed the actual services you are offering, as they might be misunderstood as advertising, which is not allowed in the threads.
Hope you get some helpful responses!

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I didn’t even give my username or link, though? But okay, I guess.

That’s correct :smiley: but you mentioned your services. You can do so on your profile, but not actually in a thread. I totally get your intention was not to advertise, but unfortunately if I let it stand, it might lead to misunderstandings.
Thanks for being to flexible!

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I created a Fiverr account a few years back (as a buyer) but only recently offered gigs as a seller. I only promoted briefly but I’ve been very busy doing other stuff lately and I haven’t promoted since then. Even though I’m still learning how to effectively promote.

My prices were about average (especially since I’m a new seller) I’m getting better. But some buyers still found me and I got back to them and completed their work.

So far, I’ve made a few sells and received 5-star reviews. One buyer even tip me too. My gigs are getting hundreds of views and one received over five hundred views.

Hopefully, I’ll promote more in the future as I continue to learn more about the process. Of course, some Fiverr sellers are making a full time career out of it but they are in the minority. (I guess this can be said about any artistic career)

This is interesting to me. I’ve done some work through textbroker, but Fivrr always seemed a little more … self employed. Are you guys @ReeWritesBooks and @Chaunalea offering writing or editing? Dunno if that’ll get flagged as promotion or not hahaha.

Glad to see it works for some people, so many ways to make $$$ writing IF you can find a niche


An ambassador already cleared this up in the posts above. I’m only offering ghost songwriting for now.