Have you ever cried while writing your next chapter?

So, right now I am busy with writing a new chapter for my story… with tears in my eyes really.
Just imagining what I am putting one character through makes me feel very sad.

Another time I was writing a chapter and dived into the mind of a criminal. I felt like needing to see mental health care afterwards and take a thorough shower.

Everyone else ever felt like this? Please let’s share our experiences! :slight_smile:

I felt it so bad. This means that you, I and other people work very hard for stories. We are getting involved and we are very sensitive. Some people are in ‘love’ with their characters while other people are their character :slight_smile:


Oh yeah, I’ve ugly cried over certain scenes while writing them. There was one where I had to physically set aside my laptop and walk away because I was getting so emotional, and I’m not really one who cries while reading/writing!


Indeed. I think it is a good sign, however. It means that we can place ourselves into the characters we have created and actually feel their emotions and feelings.

If we as the writers can feel it then so too can readers.


i try to imagine how my characters would feel or how I would feel placed in a certain moment and I use those feelings to write. It also means that your writing is much clearer and the readers can put themselves in your character’s shoes. It’d be harder for your characters to depict how they’re feeling if you yourself don’t know how it feels.

I think about sad things and I cry when writing certain scenes and it really grasps the feeling on page!

thank god, i’m not the only one who does this


I totally agree with you here!

Yeah, definitely. There have been scenes in both the main plot and the romance subplot that I put off writing for days or weeks because it just made me so sad to think about them going through those things. The most tears came from writing chapter 30 because it re-awakened so many old feelings that I had back in high school. Gah, I’m tearing up right now!

I’m such a crybaby character mom haha. I just want to protect them so much! Maybe I have too many feelings to be a writer.


Aww. :frowning: that’s sad. You talk about your characters as if they are your children.

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Definitely. I think it’s a result of being very empathetic towards your characters, that you’re channelling their emotional state because you really do know how they feel. It’s why writing can be exhausting for more than just typing/scribbling for hours on end, I think. You’re not alone. :heart:


Honestly, they kinda feel like they are. They’ve been so much fun to create!

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I haven’t got to a sad part in my story yet, but I hope I will be able to create an emotion filled story. I’ve only read one book in my life that made me cry and I really hope to do the same.

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Well, I can’t recall when I cried over a book but I did cry when I saw the movie ‘Hachi’. Soooo sad. :sob::sob:

I’ve cried multiple times while writing, even once when I re-wrote a chapter.

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I think everyone cried over that. :cry: It was a very heartbreaking movie.

That it happened for real isn’t helping matters either.

Yep. I still dislike that guy that worked at the train station(whatever you call him).

I always cry when I read my finished work for the first time, usually at the end.

I’m not sad, but the emotional energy I put into the work demands a release.

I don’t cry, but I do feel very sad. One of my fav characters has gone through some unimaginable things, and is really traumatized as a result. It makes me sad :frowning: I’m so mean lol

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I once almost did cry on making one of my sad chapters that made me feel bad for my characters,so bad I wish I can give them a hug but some chapters I make make me feel really happy and make me want to be with my characters and wish they were real people.

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I did that just last week :joy:

I write in first person POV so I get really into the character’s head and seriously, sometimes that just wrecks me. It’s great and I’m hoping it’ll have the same effect on my readers, but god damn, it gets intense sometimes.

All part of the job, right?