Have you ever experienced this with your main characters (Seaking advice)


Okay, this is a bit stupid, but for those of you who don’t know, I’m writing a werewolf book series on an omega who’s destined to become Alpha of the pack. For the past four years, this Character has been like my baby, I’ve hurt when he’s hurt, I’ve cried whenever he’s cried, and I even regret some of the things I’ve put him through.

Now, the time has come to write the Alpha ceremony, but when I go to write the scene, I feel as though I’m not ready for him to move on. It’s like one of your kids leaving the nest. On the one hand, I feel as though I’m not ready for this, but at the same time, I also know I have to get this over and done with so I can move onto the next chapter and book.

Have any of you dealt with situations like this, what would be your advice?


I mean… I don’t have a situation with an Omega or Alpha, however I can see how it might be a bit tough. But you should also be excited as this is a new chapter opening up for your character :calmwolf:

Maybe take a day and then start letting the words flow.

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Thank you :grinning:


There’s a quote that goes, “No tears in the writer, no tears in the reader,” which I take to mean that the readers can feel it when the author really cares. (Looked it up — apparently the quote is from the poet Robert Frost.) That means it’s probably a good sign that you’re emotional about it.

I think the last time I felt this way was actually when I read the Fire and Thorns series. The main character in those books grows so much that I was super proud of her by the end :slight_smile:


We all have to let our characters grow and flourish because it helps us grow and flourish as people and as writers. Take your time writing the scene out. You might even journal about it or write it free hand on blank computer paper. Sometimes that helps to let the writing flow. Just remember that, if it’s time for him to take on the role of alpha, then it’s time for him to become his own person. I wish you luck with it. Remember, let it flow and just let it go.


That’s not stupid at all! I think it’s amazing that you love your character so much and that you care so much about his growth.
I have an original character that I’ve had for years. Her name is Celia. She started out as a Mary Sue when I was in middle school, and as I’ve matured as a writer, she’s matured as a character, and now, you couldn’t tell, putting the two together, that they’re the same character. I’m writing a series now that she is in, and this will be the last time I ever write her, because I feel that this story is where her story ends, and where I part ways with her. It’s gonna suck when I end these books, and have to say goodbye to her.
It’s like you come to a point where you just gotta let them spread their wings and fly, basically, even though it’s gonna hurt like crap xD You just have to turn the page and enjoy writing the scene and be happy for your character and their growth in the story.

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Thank you all :heart:

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