have you ever had a weird or other type dream

if anyone who views these post has a weird dream or another type of dream here’s one from me one of my dreams:
I use to have a weird dream last night as I go to a British concert in a mall but as the show has done me and 4 of my friends decided to go to the everything french store and restaurant region in the mall.

but the guards refuse to let us in because we dress as British redcoats. so we decided to buy a normal outfit in a clothing store that sells other stuff with 4 floors on it. for getting access there. as we wait outside for several of our men to get ready.

then a sniper shot one of our pals right straight in the leg despite he misses the shot. he was not dead just injured then I see the sniper was near the escalator but too bad people don’t give a damn about their environment so I have to yell “SNIPER” to get the people’s attention than the sniper panic as swift as he can but.

he was surrounded by the crowd of people coming to beat him and arrest him. if I try to fight him and apprehend him I will be very tired since he always likes to flee like a coward and bad hand to hand combat. but I will never let him get away with it.

after all that tragedy was fixed we get our normal outfit and all of us are ready as we stored our redcoat on the bags as we changed our outfit we go to that previous place. called everything french store and restaurant and thus we enjoy our moment there.

All my dreams are premonitory, and, in the opposite of what everybody thinks, it’s a curse, not a gift. I am a kind of bird of ill omen.

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All my dreams are weird and, well, nightmarey

We always watch dreams bad or good, we simply don’t remember them. I do have a lot of dreams of myself and a lot of books ideas I had are coming from dreams I had.

But as a psychology student and big nerd of stuff like that I can’t help it and tell you a little how I see this dream, most of our dreams are inspired by things we going through or we afraid of or will happen.

So maybe that friend of yours will or has gone through something bad, that was not deadly but harmed him and in the end, everything when well.

I have lots of weird dreams and write them down in a dream book.