Have you ever joined a network,


Where you used to really love the social network, not only for their mission statement, but also do to the design layout, only to be dissappointed because later on with other better networks came out, the abandoneware started being replaced by bottom of the barrel, in terms of social life? I don’t just mean forum trolls, which one could (in theory) learn to ignore. I mean like: legit neo-nazis, transphobes, anti-black people, and other kinds of scum?

There was this one decentralized social network I like, and I still love the mission statement, although whether they’re actually practicing the mission statement is another matter altogether. As a background to what decentralized social media is suppose to be:

diaspora* is completely different from most networks that you use. It is completely decentralized, with no central “hub”. Even so, it’s very easy to connect and communicate with people.

The problem is, I used to promote the network back when it functions as an actual Facebook alternative rather than as an alternative to Gab.ai. So it’s quite dissappointing to find it going downhill while other networks like Quitter have a longer shelf life, and Mastodon shows up marketing itself as more diverse and accepting.

Has anyone else joined a social network that you’re so completely dissappointed with, that it seemed lke it’s not even practicing what it set out to do?