Have you ever made a very disturbing scene?


I’m just curious if I’m kind of alone in this boat. xD

My mystery thriller has quite a few disturbing scenes which kind of resemble dead people or dead animals. And they’re very descriptive. Haha The story is meant to be this way (when I put it on here, it will be rated Mature), but with the last chapter I wrote, I’m just noticing how disturbing my descriptions are and might be a bit too much for some people. :rofl:

Like for example, my characters had just gone hunting and I described the process of gutting the animal. It’s necessary because it’s how my MC starts to make the connections between the murders that’s been going on.

Bile rose in my throat as my hand reached in, the warm air tickling the edges of my skin. I did as he said, with my hand now hovering over the top organs that must be its heart and lungs. “I’m there.”

“Good. Now, I want you to cut the edges of the organs out, like the muscle that’s attached to it. This way, when we pull it out, it all comes out almost at once.”

I began slicing the knife through the small patches of nerve that stretched out to hold the organs in place. Some of which weren’t cutting through, so I had to hold onto one of the organs to stay in place while I broke the muscle’s attachment. The touch of it disgusted me as a shiver ran down my spine. “Oh, god.”

Have you ever written a very disturbing scene? Was it descriptive?


I think that’s a good scene and not too much. But then again, I write and read Dark fiction so I’m not easily scared. :joy:

I’ve written everything from rape, to murder, to torture to general gore. I try to not go too much over the top with it though, because there is such a thing. But I don’t shy away from being explicit either.


I agree. I was actually expecting it be a lot worse but then again I want a lot of bloody shows and write dark fiction.

I too have written about rape and murder. I think what you have is just enough


Honestly I expected it to be a hell lot worse!!! Because when I read ‘disturbing scene’ I immediately assume some kind of cannibalism maybe? Rape? using human body organs to craft clothing??? (yes disgusting and disturbing ik) but this is not bad at all! :joy:
Yes I have written countless disturbing scenes (that still haunt my dreams) and some of them were descriptive


Yep, I’ve written disturbing scenes before. For me personally, a scene becomes even more disturbing if something awful happens to a character I’ve grown to care about…


that wasnt as bad as i thought it would be.


ive written a torture scene before and its very descriptive. i don’t mind showing it here but i dont know how ya’ll handle it.


Mine is kind of disturbing I guess since my MC is a detective


my series are heading into dark fantasy territory, given the setting, and I am trying to limit that type of scene to the reader’s imagination.

what is, on my opinion, not allowed are really well-detailed ones.


My current project has a rather graphic scene involving a mob of KKK-style movement brutally lynching someone to death. I think such scenes can greatly add to the story’s atmosphere and seriousness, BUT it has to be justified and important to the plot, otherwise it’s just a fodder of the shock factor and it ends up cheap.


Ooooh. Disturbing scenes are my favorites XD
You did a really god job there. Really graphic :+1:

Now, what type of “disturbing” are you guys looking for? Cuz I’ve writting gory disturbing, sexual harrasment disturbing, and PTSD descriptions.


I’ve sewn lips shut, cut out foetuses from living women, waterboarded, burnt people alive, and the list will keep growing.

…in my stories, of course.


I have written a disturbing scene. It wasn’t that it was graphic but that it was raw in emotion. Many of my readers have told me the scene makes them uncomfortable and I apologize to them lol, but it is necessary for the descent of my main character into the crappy man he becomes.

I take the scene very seriously as I hate the glorification of rape. Readers say it’s not rape but it’s not a loving display of love between the MC and his fiancee.

The scene sets up that the MC, Elijah, is suffering from a disease he contracted from a vampire who’s been using him as a blood source. It’s the first night anyone ever witnessed him writhing in pain, swollen and ill. Irina, his fiancee, arrives to help him. Elijah’s already done some messed up stuff to try and fix it and in his irrational and terrified mind, sex may be the answer. Of course, Irina rejects him as they aren’t married yet and her religion would make it a sin. Elijah’s losing his mind, crying and begging and really not acting like himself.

It’s upsetting. He even knows he shouldn’t be doing this but his mind and body are in very different places. Irina decides to at least monitor him throughout the night and eventually makes the choice to sleep with him. So while she consents, the pressure of earlier and the annoyance of her fiance’s attitude does not make this scene a normal first time for either party.

And Elijah is not violent and tries his best to take care of her but she still ends up crying afterwards because this wasn’t supposed to happen yet.

It’s sad, for sure, and I don’t treat the scene lightly.


Hahaha… no…

  • character gets gang raped

  • character explicitly slices up their wrists

  • character is sexually tortured

  • character watches a woman get scalped

  • character watches a man get flayed

  • character flays a man

  • character watches man mutilated, torn and twisted

Of course not :grin:


When it comes to violence, I’m generally descriptive. I don’t know what I have against eyes, honestly.


You said ‘pull it out’


I once wrote a scene where my MC ate some raw, rotting human flesh. That was quite nasty.


My Mc and her friends, as vampires, killed a bunch of people but I didn’t go into too much detail. In the sequel my Mc has a miscarriage and that gets a little gruesome.


My MC stubbed her toe once. The scene was extremely graphic. The dull thump, the shock of searing pain crackling up her nerves, the repeated exclamations of “ouchie!”, and the hopping, oh the hopping! Yeah, I’d say I’m a pretty twisted person to write something so sick.


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