Have you ever wrote a character? Game

It’s simple.
But if ‘Have you ever wrote a character?’ is too long for you to type, then just type HYEWAC and then type that, with, who, whose.

For example:
First user: Have you ever wrote a character who likes anime?
Second user: Yes.
Have you ever wrote a character who likes manga?
Third user: No.
HYEWAC with a sword?

And so on…
I apologize if this breaks rules or does not belong to this group.

I will start.

HYEWAC with a gun?

I know it’s simple, but i can’t think of anything else and i want this thread to be active for a bit.

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Yep. All of them XD

HYEWAC with a mental disorder?

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HYEWAC that’s an insomniac?

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Not yet. HAHA :smiley:

HYEWAC that is introvert?

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No weirdly enough

HYEWAC who hates animals? (I know it’s cruel, but we need some evil characters on this thread)

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Not yet again. But I have plan.

HYEWAC who hates spicy foods? (Let’s be realistic here. :joy:)

Nah, all of my characters love any type of food, i think xD

HYEWAC that got arrested at the end instead of getting killed or something else? (Because not everyone deserves to be murdered quickly)

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That is for my Book 6 in my Agents series. so… I can answer yes this time.

HYEWAC who could kill 150 men in a row?

Well, most of my characters are stronger than countless of humans so, yup. Still getting their asses kicked by the heroes though :unamused:

HYEWAC that’s an animal but can speak human language?

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Oh. Like the recent POKEMON?! No. Have you?

HYEWAC that is part of a rumored illegal organization? (I don’t know. I can’t think of anything…) HAHA. :joy:

…Kind of?

HYEWAC that’s in college?

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HYEWAC who has a pet?

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HYEWAC who’s missing a limb?

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No, all of my characters have all body parts (Not counting brain :joy: Kidding)

HYEWAC who has a crush on someone?



HYEWAC that’s married?

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On my old deleted books, i think some characters have married each other, other than that, i don’t think so.

HYEWAC that has a boyfriend/girlfriend?

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Yes, quite a few (characters, not boyfriends/girlfriends :eyes: though that happens too).

HYEWAC that sleeps around?

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No, i don’t write sexual stories, if that’s what you mean by sleeping around. (Yeah, i live under a rock)

HYEWAC that killed one or multiple of their family member(s)?

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They could do it “off screen”, but I get your point.


HYEWAC that hates having their picture taken?

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