Have You Published a Book on Amazon?

I’m considering Amazon as a future publishing option. Any advice, tips, or commentary? What was your experience?

I personally have never published on Amazon but i have talked to people who have and they all have mixed reviews. some people love it and some do not.


That’s exactly what I have heard. It makes it a scary leap to take.


it really is. deciding when, if or who with to publish is really scary. you dont want to make the wrong move and ruin your books chance. with that said, i can only suggest that you do your research. thats all you can do. we cant predict everything, just make the best educated guess. do you have a twitter? there is a huge writing community on there and they usually are always willing to help. maybe ask them? i think more writers on there would know more.


If you’re planning to self publish, you would be foolish NOT to distribute through Amazon, because self published writers report about 80% of their sales come from there.

The issue is less whether you should distribute through Amazon than whether you want to distribute narrowly – meaning exclusive to Amazon – or wide – which means Amazon is just one among many retailers who will carry your book.

Is that what you were asking?


I’m on Amazon and like it

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I publish exclusively on Amazon. They have the largest market share so why not be there.

The reason I’m not anywhere else is simply because it’s not worth the effort. But by being exclusive I can enroll in their Select program (but I don’t have to and when I first release a novel I don’t).

I love their customer service. They get back to me right away to answer questions. They pay regularly, and if you have a U.S. bank they pay no matter how little you earned that month. No minimums. And the money is deposited right into my bank account. And you can sell anywhere in the world.

I’m only ebook (not paperback) so my only experience is with ebook.

One thing to note. You are responsible for setting the price of your novel. So if you set your price in U.S. dollars, Amazon will do the currency conversion for the other markets. However, AND THIS IS IMPORTANT, they do not add the VAT tax for the European countries (including the UK). So you have to add the VAT percentage for each marketplace (it varies from country to country). If you don’t, you end up paying the tax.


I personally have and for personal complicated reasons have received no royalties yet because of issues on their side. Would obviously not currently recommend.


Amazon is a great place to self publish but you have to do all the promotion and marketing. I went through Page Publishing and loved it! They help you with everything you need. They get your book out to stores like Barns&Noble and Chamblins.

Didn’t it cost you something, like, US$3000 to use Page Publishing?

You’ve found your book on the shelves at B&N?

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Yes. They’re a vanity publisher.

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Yes. Thank you! I’m just looking for any and all information on the topic.

What has your experience been? Any pointers?

Yeah, I wish we didn’t have to deal with taxes. I wanted to start by publishing just an ebook. Do you have any marketing tips? What can I do to give my book its best chance?

That’s awful! :frowning:

Any advice on marketing?

It’s a bit slow…but helpful just to get your name out there. I was thinking about getting a pseudonym solely because of Rick Riordan & Nicholas Sparks…my real name is always together with at least one of theirs. But then I thought I’d just keep my name and hope for the best.

But its fun just seeing my book with others. “what have you got to lose?” - Trump (can’t wait for his assassination…lol)

Marketing is what’s overlooked when people self-publish. They don’t realize their book will get lost in the tens of millions of other books that nobody even knows are out there.

I’m not the person to ask about marketing. I don’t really market. Some people buy ads. I don’t. I happened to have built a following after years of writing free short stories and even having my own story site years ago. I notify those people when I have a new novel and some buy it. I also have information about my novels at the end of my free short stories. I believe people see it and, after liking the short story, buy the novel. If they like the novel then they buy my other novels. The more novels you have the better you are. Novels sell novels.

I have one novel under a different author name in a different genre without an audience to notify and it doesn’t sell.

Someone else will have to answer your question. There are promotions, give-aways, ads, blogs, media interviews if you can get them, etc. I don’t do any of those.

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You don’t, except with the VAT. Amazon adds the sales tax onto the book when it’s bought. But the VAT (Value Added Tax) in the UK and Europe is part of the price. It’s not added on at checkout. Amazon used to automatically add it to the price of the book when they did the currency conversion, but no longer does that. So you have to do it yourself.

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