Hello Chick lit?


anyone around :)?

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Hey there =]


Whoa I didn’t think anyone would reply and was around lol


Well, I did. Nice to meet you :slight_smile:


I’m around, MistressOP. I assume you write ChickLit. What’s up?:thinking:


Hey Michael @ZonderZorg :slight_smile: How are you? How’s the training going on?


Training has finished, Nab. They are now all sitting in Limbo waiting for Gav’s message mid-week. :cold_sweat:

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I’m glad that you were there for them, Michael :slight_smile: We’ve an amazing batch =]


nice to met you too. this place is kinda nice :slight_smile: What kind of chick lit books do you like?


Yup, this place is cool and I really like it over here :slight_smile: I basically read stories with strong female characters. Have a few favourites like Restless Hope by SarahBensonBooks, The Lady Knight and The Lady Justice by SLGrey2904 [Historical Fic] and many more…:slight_smile:

What about you? What kind of stories do you read? Any favourites?


that’s cool I’m saving the title. I don’t do much historical. I like the kind of heavy chick lit that’s like a bit dark. It’s so fun to find humans and stuff lol. I was kind of shot in the dark it on chick lit. Did you read Ana Simons book before she removed it she rename it to Silent Signs

by [Ana Simons]. I really liked it because it had a bit of darkness to it.

she has one called free falling that I started to read.


Haven’t heard of her name, to be honest :slight_smile: But I’ll definitely check out the story =]

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Frankly, it’s just cool to trade books with another reader. Any up and coming titles written this year I should know about that’s good?


Read this one-

This story was in the final 32 chosen by the Open Novella Contest [TheONC]. It’s different from normal stories and tackles the problems of immigration. It’s a lovely story :slight_smile:


thank you will check that one out.


The pleasure’s all mine :slight_smile: Please feel free to drop any story that you like over here so that I can check it out =]


lol. I’m just getting back into wattpad after a long break. I had an issue with a rude ambassador on the forums. I ended up leaving wattpad and about 8 of my friends left with me. 2 of which were in the stars program. We ended up recreating our community on facebook and it’s doing ok.

I am a booktuber so I am always looking for books no one knows about to talk about. The whole Gems thing is fun for me. Thank you again for your books.


Hi @MistressOP … Good to see you… I am mostly active on twitter… Are you active on twitter? or you are mainly on facebook?


actually, recently i’ve been on meduim a lot. good to see you over here royal888 the vibe is REALLY good. I’m trying to get into wattpad for a review of wattpad ive been working on two months but it’s been hard. I almost ready to post my review on youtube.

How’s twitter treating you? I’ve been seeing your post over there :slight_smile:


Nice to see you are active. Looking forward to see your video. Give us a shout on twitter when done and tag me so I tweet it… You have been on wattpad for a long time… Your video will be very informative… I am doing similar but about many apps… On my blog I like to review about new apps… I dont know when I get round to it. I need to use the apps to review them and there are too many… So many new apps are coming… I have just listed names so far but not had chance to review any… Its crazy how new apps come, Have you checked wattpad new writer portal… They have some review videos… Hope they add yours to it https://www.wattpad.com/writers/resources/build-your-audience/

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