Hello Chick lit?


I like twitter so much. Its so convenient. Quick and most people I interact with use twitter which is bonus… On facebook my friends are not so active… instagram is ok too…


Girl, I plan to put you in my show notes. A long time ago you help me out with all these social writing websites. Btw is that a good name to call them?


They seem to be trying and turning over a new leaf. I hope it’s professional this time around and everyone is treated correctly. I want wattpad to do well. I love writing socially.


Ah… you are so kind and sweet… You are so knowledgable… mistress OP guru… I look upto you as as veteran if wattpad… you know all… have seen you enough times in forums always active… you are the one who is active, gives everyone a chance and listens to all… You define a perfect author… Yeah… I guess online writing platforms maybe better… haha… you are funny… you dont need to put me in show notes hun.


Ah… where do I start… You touch my heart you know… I think I like to see new changes work on any app especially wattpad… I am an online writing platform fan… I want all to do well. if apps do well it helps authors and readers alot… But sure… Fairness is what we all want. A fair chance for everyone to be heard and respected. Sadly some users need to learn to respect other people who are polite. My issue is with people who dont treat us with same respect we treat them…


lol girl thank you but I wasn’t really an author I did more reading than authoring. I just liked to find a good book. Hopefully, this new start will work out these new clubs look really nice. Have you been reading any chick lit lately?


Hello Chick Lit, I’m Sarah.


Me neither. I am no author… I just happen to write for fun… no idea how I wrote so many words … I guess it piled up over 5 years I wrote some each week… Sadly this year has been worst year in terms of reading… I am so busy havent had chance, I have a long long list of books on my kindle waiting to read… I cans end you screenshot at some point of what the kindle has… So first I need to get though those and I do some beta reading for friends on the side… I have two drafts waiting,… so busy… I let you know if I see any fun chick lit. how about you… have you found anything note worthy?


Hi, MistressOP — My writing is reality-based and character-driven, the interactions, dialogues and subtext carrying the story. The conflicts deal with seldom-examined aspects of both the human condition and contemporary social issues. Deep emotions and intense passion are central to my plots.

What is your preference?

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Yo Sara welcome to chick lit :slight_smile: hows it going?


not yet, I’ve found a few books I’ve been reading happy to read but none that I’ve been ready to champion as the book that must be read from wattpad at least. I love for my chicklit … which is a little odd a solid sex scene but a juicy JUICY plot. I haven’t run across that what … I get this weird feeling already read that feeling. Like reading a Berkeley romance book sorta all reads the same.


that’s very cool. I put it in another line. I juicy plot that’s different. I dont want to feel like i read your book before is mostly the big thing I need from authors.

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Hello everyone, how are you Chicklit folk

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hello :slight_smile:


How are you doing this fine evening?


Good just running my romance reading club


OOH that sounds great

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lol first day of open book disucssion i got pretty drunk LOL so now im just rereading everyones comments sober.


Omg hahaha that is wonderful, how many people are in your club?


In my traveling vampire pants.