Hello Chick lit?


Hello everyone


Hi, @gracemark11. How are you? Reading any good chick lit?


Heeelllooooo…? Anyone hanging out in the chick lit corner of Wattpad today? Was wondering if anyone is working on writing a chick lit/rom-com right now. I’m in the planning stages of a new story and am anxious to get started, but I want to know where I’m going first. Plotter or Panster (Non-plotter)? I’m usually a hybrid, but this time I’m determined to be more organized!

What’s the biggest obstacle you find for getting started with a new story? Or is that never a problem for you?


Well currently I’m writing Chick Lit. It’s my first try in Chick lit which is rom-com too.


Hey guys! I was wondering why there is less thread about Chick lit?


I think of chick lit and rom com as the same thing. And I have NO idea why nobody is talking in this thread. Chick lit writers must be out there somewhere in Wattpad World.


I’m still plotting my next chick lit story. I had one setting and was like, yawn, so I created a whole new setting. Still trying to figure out the story arch. I want it to sorta be like a soap opera with multiple storylines and no clear ending, but there has to be SOME structure.

What are you working on?

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I’m new to the community and was wondering the same thing, why is chick lit less popular? (Than romance, teen fiction, ect.)


I don’t know! It’s so strange, but maybe because “chick lit” is a sort of 90s term for romantic comedy? But it is also women’s fiction…the central story isn’t always romance. The central story is the female protagonist’s conflict and growth. Hmmm…it’s a little discouraging, to be honest, because these are my favorite kind of stories.


Interesting because romance is great and adds the juicy drama that I love but thats not all there is to a great story. Chicklit should be mory popular on wattpad


Apparently there are lots of chicklit writers, just watching the reading lists for the chick lit wattpad page you can tell. But i think it’s that the stories originally were not intended or thought out to be chick lit but something else. And so chick lit sort of becomes like an umbrella genre in sorts, but the writers prefer to share it as other genres. I have that feeling…

I’ve been thinking that I’m actually enjoying doing chick lit, and I never thought of chick lit = rom com, but now I can see it. Lol!

@gracemark11, @EmpressPenguin, @ShelleyBurbank do any of you if there are actual reading book clubs or such for chick lit. It’d be really cool to join one like that and learn more of that genre!


I might do that in my free time😉
& we should definitely keep in touch, is your username Eliyeda?

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Yup. ^^ I’m going to follow you!!



I followed both of you. Maybe we can get some interest going. I try to check in on the Chick Lit Wattpad profile for prompts and contests and such every so often.

I think that might be right…it has become a sort of genre for stories that don’t quite fit anywhere else but have a female protagonist.

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What do you have in mind?


I’m not sure yet. Thinking…


You know the thing is, people just tag their story as chick lit. There are very fewer people who actually put chick lit as a genre.

But again, that’s what I felt.


Oh i agree with you there, I’ve seen some books as genres like romance and adventure and then their first tag is chicklit.

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You know like we know. A tomboy girl who loves reading romance but when it doesn’t happen in real life and you are somewhere 24 and still single. It’s frustrating. So yeah, my story is something about it. You can check my book and it’s blurb on my profile.I think you will get better glimpse in blurb


Well, my lead is weird and wacko. So yup, just because of her and her actions, the story has humour. Romance is a part of it and its romance is nothing like those erotic romance. Like I said rom-com. So that’s why I just added the tag of it. And talking about chick-lit, the whole story revolves around her and there is so much other things too.

Btw, what are you writing?