Hello Chick lit?


Almost every romance book has chick lit as tag.
That’s what I noticed.


Btw, hello everyone.
I was wondering what you guys are writing? I mean what in chick lit?


Well, my story is currently on hold, I’m trying out judging and my life is a little tricky now too.

But its basically about a young adult trying to start writing and to win an article contest on a featured magazine she has to write a love story of her own experience with it, which of course she has never had. And while she’s procrastinating on that her personal life is getting hectic, the family business is thriving, sibling problems, creating her love life from scratch. Ect.

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What about a support/book group?
Something besides the already done ‘book club’

It makes sense since this is a community


Hi! Well my book is a completed novella and is about this woman who is on Wattpad, and how she randomly starts to chat with this other Wattpad user. The story tackles her online chatting with this mysterious user and the things happening to her in real life. :slight_smile: I try to make it humorous, but there are some serious topics also present.

How about you?


Well, mine is a story of a girl who is an engineer, a tomboy wacko girl but she is a huge book reader and since it was her childhood hobby, she started expecting it to be true as a normal girl. But as we know life isn’t fictional and love is not attained by everyone. So she is 24 years old, single girl (had too many crushes), occasionally desperate, extremely picky, wacko, weird, huge dog-lover and sometimes assy girl and it’s a story of her when she gets piqued by constant direct and indirect rejection And decided to concentrate on other things of her life. But as we know old habits don’t leave us that easily.


I just did that because nobody seems to look for chick lit as a genre. And maybe that’s okay. I think the bookstores generally put chick lit in with either romance or general fiction.


Is this the too much cliche? I’m gonna add it to my list (though gotta be honest, I have a pile of books to be read.)


@EmpressPenguin @eliyeda @gracemark11 What I am doing personally right now is creating a reading list exclusively for REAL chick lit. It has to have that female protag, a light tone, slightly rom-com feel that I associate with chick lit. Bridget Jones, Sophie Kinsella, Jennifer Weiner tone. The more I think about it, the more I think chick lit is light-hearted even if the themes are serious.


yup, that makes sense! I should try that too! Lol! I have to go stalk your reading list to have a fundament of chicklit, lol!


What truly bugs me is when books aren’t put in the proper genre on Wattpad. It’s like going to a bookstore and finding a high fantasy novel in the romance section. Okay, there may be romance in it, but if the romance storyline isn’t PRIMARY, it should be shelved with the fantasy books. And I’m sorry but I don’t think girls being tied up and tortured in cellars is “romance” by any stretch of the imagination. It is suspense/thriller. Off on a rant now. Sorry. Will stop. The story I just tagged romance is, at heart, a romance. There is a cute-meet, a conflict between the h and H, and a HFN (happy for now) ending. But the tone is light. So I think it really is a rom-com with chick lit elements, lol.

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I just started it! Will add in more that are currently in my other reading lists. Let’s share our awesome finds!

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Now I bring another question (because let’s face it, we need to make the hard questions, lol) If I’m doing a second book, based on the first one that I consider is chicklit, but this book is based on the male MC point of view… I can’t categorize it as chicklit anymore… or can I??? Or because he is the one with the POV it would be better to classify as romance? Or is there man-lit???


That is a good question and I think the term you are looking for is “lad-lit” but hardly anyone uses it so it’s useless, really. If there is a romance plot with a HFN ending or HEA ending, maybe go with romance/romantic comedy?


Well I guess it could go under romantic comedy, because the story is supposed to be fillers to understand certain things of the original story line, and expand a little more on certain parts of the epilogue… which it ends in a positive tone, but not necessarily HEA maybe in a HFN… maybe. I don’t know, it’s hard to tell, lol. But thank you for clarifying!


These are just my opinions, for sure. I’m not an expert or anything. Is it the letters story that is your chick lit? I will add it to my chick lit list if so.

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I see it is! Okay, I’ve added it to the chick lit list.


Shelley :grin:

I checked out your blog. It’s a great set up. And who took all the photos? They are really pretty :heart_eyes:


yup, that’s the one. thanks for the add! I also added one of your stories to one of my reading lists. i have to fix my reading list now, will do it later and check your chik lit reading list.


Oh thank you! My artist friend, Sandra Waugh, back in Limerick. She’s a painter/illustrator with a good eye for camera. I’m probably overly proud of the website since I did it all myself. Someday maybe I’ll hire someone professional to make it better, but for now, I’m really happy with it.

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